I open my mouth and try to shout,

Yet as I yell, no sound comes out.

The silence of the valley rings loud and clear,

As a majestic voice says do not fear.

But as my fears float away,

Darkness engulfs me, I'm lead astray.

The world becomes a part of my past,

A lifelong thing which did not last.

I fall on my knees and cry out loud,

My tears forming a dark misty cloud.

The cloud then engulfs me whole,

The air becomes stiff and black like coal.

My cries are stifled by this silent room,

And I feel like I have reached my doom.

When suddenly there's a blinding light,

Pulling me to it, towards what's right.

And in it's midst there's someone there,

Waiting to love me and waiting to care.

And so I reach up as God takes my hand,

And leads me to the promised land.

"The Lord is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path"