America I've given you all and now I'm nothing.
America 8 dollars and 57 cents May sixteenth.
I can't stand my own mind.
America when will we end the war with Iraq?
Go leave me alone with your hate
I don't feel good don't bother me.
I won't write my poem till I'm in my right mind.
America when will you be peaceful?
When will you look at yourself through the grave?
America why are your libraries full of tears?
I'm addressing you.
Are you going to let our emotional life be run by the national enquirer?
I'm obsessed by the national enquirer.
I read it every week.
America this is quite serious.
America this is the impression I get from looking in the television set.
America is this correct?
I'd better get right down to the job.

A/N: Original poem by Allen Ginsberg. I used the outline of the poem, but changed the topic and basically all the words. This was NOT AT ALL meant to be offensive!!! I'm American and this poem is not true for me, it is just supposed to be from a "foreigner's" point of view. Please don't flame me, because I AM AN AMERICAN! I didn't mean this poem badly, in any way. I just thought it was very deep and emotional.