Time, Be Silent

By Miss Luisa and Miss Anna ^_^


The man ran a hand through his semi red, semi silver hair keeping golden red eyes locked on the rising sun. He loved watching the set or rise of the sun it made him feel a warmth he truly could not explain. A little hand waved in front of his face trying with only the desperation a child could possess to gain his attention. He looked down at the silver haired boy, smiling when he saw the little red head that hid behind him holding his other hand.

"Is there anything I can help you with, Ryu? Ioki?" Both children nodded their heads and Ioki brought forward the staff she had been dragging behind her. Yori had not noticed it till she let it clang against the floor the red ribbon around it's top pooling on the floor like silk. Yori leaned down picking up the deep blue staff and laying it across his lap. His long fingers ran down the smooth thick cylinder his eyes closing as if remembering something. The memories were not his though. He opened his eyes facing a pair of deep blue golden lined ones, and icy blue red lined ones staring curiously at him. Both children took a seat at the table with him where he had been enjoying a fine breakfast cooked by his loving wife.

"We founded it in the basement."

"It's not founded, it's found." Ryu stuck his tongue out at Ioki, who had a tendency to correct his awful grammar. She stuck hers back out which he pinched making her slap his hands.

"Now children if you don't behave I won't tell you the story that accompanies this precious item."

"Well she can go back to her hole then you tell me the story, all right? Be gone now Ioki." He pushed the little girl off the chair and she only stood up pushing him down then pinning him. They wrestled around for a little bit till Yori embarrassed by his son being upped by a girl numerously pulled the neighbor girl off the aforementioned boy. She glared at Ryu as he crossed his arms over his chest fuming. Her cheeks were rosy from the exertion but rarely were times when they were not. Honestly she and Ryu were such troublemakers, Yori smiled noting the pair always were.

"I guess you don't want to hear the story." Ioki, still being held up by Yori, glomped his leg pleading with him while Ryu begged on his rough housing scarred knees. Yori smiled folding over his silver with red tips wings and settling both children on his lap weary of their own wings set to match the opposites mane. Ryu's wings were a brilliant red while Ioki's a gleaming silver, almost like a brand new sword under the sunlight. Yori cleared his throat preparing to tell them a tale that he knew all to well.

"Once upon a time.."

"Ah don't start it like that.."

"Shut up it's his story not yours. Continue Mister Yori." He chuckled seeing the admiration for him in the girl's eyes and the look of jealousy from Ryu. Wedding bells were already chiming in his head. Ryu would look so handsome in a tux and Ioki could wear his wife's gown. She would look absolutely gorgeous. Someone cleared their throat snapping him out of the dream that had him holding his silver haired icy blue eyed grand son. Ryu was giving him that 'now please' look. He sighed putting his arms out to hold the staff in front of him and the two children. He pulled both ends apart letting the sun glint off the sword that was slowly being revealed.

"Only one with super speed or the power of mens (mind) could weild such a weapon. Any other would be killed instantly for this tool requires much skill and confidence. So it was that it was passed from Mens Mage to Mens Mage finally landing in the hands of it's rightful owner but I'm getting ahead of myself.

"Lucifel, you all know him as Lucifer had defied Heaven. Wanting his own free will more so the ability to not care what happened to anyone but himself he tried to defy our Lord. As you all know here did not succeed. He was banished from Heaven his angelic title stripped and given his demon name. A few followed him blindly thinking that what he whispered in their ears was what he really wanted but all his tales to them were false.

"There was one known as Gin who loved one known as Aka. There love was one that ignored the rules of the Angelic society, an arch angel in love with a guardian. One who took the souls to their final place even if they were not yet ready for it and one who dierected them on the path to happiness. They met over the controversy of one soul, it was Aka who guarded the soul of Tora. Tora had lived a very unfulfilled life and Aka wanted him a chance to fix that but Gin would not allow it. They argued over it for decades letting Tora live on. Gin who had been too caught up in trying to gain victory had not realized he'd fallen right into Aka's scheme. Tora lived a fulfilled life and Gin had lost one of his assignments. He became intrigued with Aka then.

"There was never a time when they were not seen together though they argued quite often then. uh anyway." Both children passed each other confused looks but only shrugged their shoulders.

"Their relationship blossomed into a love so strong it became the energy used to maintain the balance of the world for that is what this world revolves on, the strongest of emotions within every being love or hate. Their love was looked down upon. Gin who did not want to have to give up his position or his love joined Lucifel. He had been lead to believe that under Lucifel's reign he could freely cherish his love and she the same for him. He was greatly mistaken thus lost everything.

"Aka could not stand to be without her love, who was banished to Hell with Lucifer, so she stopped perfoming her duties as guardian. Everyone noticed this thus the decision was made to seal Aka but something happened before they could. Gin and Aka tried to reach each other ending up colliding in the middle. The middle which is the world below us.

"When this happened everything was thrown off balance. The world that was the sanctuary for angels and lesser beings was in chaos. Only Gin and Aka could correct this but they could not remember what they were. Thus there souls that held the key to salvation where continously reincarnated till they could right the wrong they and caused. They seriously put a test to the theory that love conquers all."

"So did it?" Ioki punched Ryu in the arm for asking such a stupid question.

"Of course it did. Right Mister Yori?"

"If you two can keep your short attention spans at bay for a few hours I can tell you the entire tale I just summarized. Would you like to hear the long version?" Ioki nodded her head vigoriuosly while Ryu shook his no. After Ioki kicked him in the shins he too was nodding his head yes but still muttering about stupid girls under his breath.

"So it began..