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Time, Be Silent

By Miss Luisa and Miss Anna


"I could feel someone calling out to me though I was floating in an abyss. Then I felt arms around my waist and all my fear disappeared. I knew you were there to protect me like you always had."


"Commander!" The flaps to his tent opened as the messenger barged in. Jude regarded the man with a curious gaze seeing the way he panted. The man waited till he could breathe regularly before speaking again.

"The Princess was spotted with a silver haired man near Meta. They entered the Wenorin Forest. From witness accounts she went with him willingly but he was a Mens Mage."

"He's using mind control?"

"He could be Sir."

"Then she's in greater peril than we thought. Gather up the men we're going to ride through the Wenorin Forest." The man bowed as he exited the tent leaving Jude to prepare himself for the ride. Jude placed his weapons around his waist, a long sword and a dagger. He sighed running a hand through his wild hair as he sat down to look at his map. He put a little red mark on Meta to keep account of all the places the Princess had been. He was trying to figure out where this Mens Mage was trying to take her and why he had taken her if he had not yet even asked for a ransom. The King had expected the man to want money but there had been no ransom note and it was already well over two weeks. Jude secretly hoped he didn't find the Princess for he had an inkling that she did not want to go back to Cicero and he could understand why. That society was falling to shambles and she would be the one that had to lead that group of mindless drones. They would do everything she said leaving her responsible for the lives of hundreds and he knew she couldn't handle that.


"What's wrong now?" He looked at Arianna who leaned up against a tree one hand on her forehead. Gren was getting tired of this she was more sheltered than he had thought. Sure they had been walking for almost an entire day but he had yet to even break a sweat. He stepped closer to her but she put a hand up telling him to stay away. Gren rolled his eyes ignoring her silent command to stay away and good thing he did for she fell forward into his arms. She pulled herself up by grabbing his robe, straightening herself only to fall back in the embrace he had her in.

"Shit." Quickly he sat down with her trying to get her body to stop convulsing or at least make sure she didn't bite her tongue. He pushed all her hair out of her face cringing at seeing her eyes rolled back. So this was the reason she had stayed under his control for so long, her mind was very fragile. She was an epileptic. He felt guilty now for having used that little trick on her. Arianna cried and whimpered but he bet she was unaware of it. He looked around hoping no one was following them for he could not run away with her in this condition.

"Arianna you can't leave him he is part of your destiny."

"Yes young one you must go back."

"But I'm scared and it hurts so much." She was floating in the darkness again this time unable to tell where the voices were coming from. Tears ran down her cheeks as she hugged herself.

"So is he. He doesn't want to be alone just like you."

"He is afraid of seeing you die."

"Death is his greatest fear."

"Go back Arianna it'll console him as he is trying to do to you."

"But eventually I'll be back here again. What's the point I have little time left anyway?"

"But do you want to spend that little time left alone?"

"No but it would be greedy to spend that time with someone to leave them alone and distraught."

"Arianna it is fate there is nothing you can do about it. You must go back." Nodding her head sadly she closed her eyes. The first thing she felt was an arm around her waist and a forehead pressed to hers. Slowly she opened her eyes to see Gren's sleeping face. The sun was down how long had she been out? Her forearms were laid on his chest as he sat against the trunk of a tree. Her legs were at his sides leaving him between them. She blushed realizing he had been using her as if she were a blanket. It was cold so she dared not move away from the warmth his body was providing. One of his hands was buried in her hair holding the back of her head so she couldn't move her head too far away. She tucked her head under his chin feeling the sapphire medallion he wore pressed against her forehead. He shifted slightly pushing her closer to him and wrapping both arms tightly around her. Arianna closed her eyes tears coming down again. She felt so safe here but she knew that nowhere was she safe from Death who kept reaching out for her. The doctor her father had brought to live with them at the castle had been providing her with elixirs that reduced the seizing since she was a toddler but they had stopped working a month prior and the seizures became more violent and longer. She gripped his robe as if it were her lifeline soaking it with tears once again. Soon she would die and she knew it but still was unprepared for it. She had overheard the doctor saying to her father that she had only but a few months left and that was only if the seizure onset were in not in rapid succession. She was lucky though she had yet to suffer any serious damage to her mind or body but she knew luck soon runs out. Gren tightened his hold on her snapping his head up to the side.

"Someone's coming let's go." He didn't even realize she was crying again as he stood up still holding her. Gren released her to pick up his stuff then grabbed her hand seeing she wasn't moving. He noticed she was resisting his pull on her and going the opposite way.

"What are you doing that's the wrong way." She kept going getting her hand out of his grasp. Arianna started a mad dash and he cursed following after her. This was just not his day and he thought kidnapping a Princess would be fun. He could see her red hair ahead of him and sped up to stop in front of her but she didn't stop. The force of her body smacking into his sent them falling down the side of the slope she was about to jump off. The whole way down he cursed and kept his hold on her his eyes closed as were hers. He groaned as his back broke whatever they had landed on and sent them falling into a pit. His entire being vibrated with pain as his body slammed into hard soil Arianna's weight on top of him only worsening the blow. She sat back looking around at their surroundings then down at Gren.

"Where are we?"

"What? You're asking me where we are when you brought us here. This is just rich!" He pushed her off groaning as his body protested to all his movement. Arianna stood rigid in the middle of what appeared to be a shrine. Gren waved a hand in front of her eyes but she did not respond. He noted her eyes looked dull not shining as they usually did.

"Mizu!" He stepped back wondering what the hell that meant only to see the dark cavern fill up with blue light. Afraid that something bad was about to happen he grabbed Arianna holding her protectively close to him. Her body was still unmoving and he was starting to get scared. If she never broke out of this trance he would be alone again and he was starting to like her company. He had to get a response out of her. He noticed the blue light was getting duller as he leaned down to capture her lips. Her mouth opened to him and he slipped his tongue in forgetting the original purpose of kissing her. Gren had never tasted something so sweet and to think he had suppressed the urge to do this since the first time he saw her. His tongue explored the confines of her mouth as he felt himself growing hot. Gren's eyes opened as he felt her hands on his cheeks, she was pulling him closer. He felt her breath hitch as everything around them became dark. Arianna's arms around his neck went limp and her head lulled back. He put one arm under her knees picking her up and letting her rest. He moved further into the buried shrine knowing no one would find them here. He sat her over him as he had much enjoyed the position they had slept in last time. He could recall no other time when he had slept so peacefully it was as if she guarded him forcing away those nightmares he had suffered his entire life. He closed his eyes never seeing the symbol on the small of her back glow a bright blue like pure clean water. A small puff of blue smoke came out from the mark materializing into an angel with wings of pale blue lined with silver and sky blue locks. She wore a white dress with slits up both sides of the wide skirt. She danced around the shrine that had kept her locked away from many centuries rejoicing at finally finding the ones that could restore the world to the peaceful magical place it once was.

"Mizu." She stopped and bowed knowing though he was not there he could see her. Her completely crystalline blue eyes fell on the sleeping pair making her smile again. They looked so cute together as they always had. She sometimes envied them for their love was so strong it surpassed even death. Smiling she reentered her vessel going back to her dormant state till she was called upon. Arianna snuggled up closer to Gren unaware of the event that had just taken place.


"Sir no one has seen them it's as if they just vanished." Jude looked down to hide the look of happiness on his face. He feared for Arianna but it seemed she'd be better in the hands of this man than his father's. Jude was aware of his father's horrible temper and Arianna's defiance to any order that had not come from her dear father. Shiro would waste no time in killing or torturing her, Jude knew his father enjoyed hearing the screams of the tortured. He grabbed the reins turning is stallion and the men followed his lead.

"I'll go to Meta and question the ones who have supposedly seen here. Half of you come with me the other half go back to the camp. Koren I leave you in command of the camp till I return should anything go wrong I'll have your head." Koren saluted his commander.

"Yes Sir. I understand everything will go according to the example you set as our great leader." Koren bowed his head his curly blonde locks falling forward then galloped off to the camp the other men following.

"It better."


"One down what do you have to say about that?"

"Pure luck. At least that leaves one less Tenshi here to bother me."

"You're such a bitter fool."

"He is isn't he?"

"Yes he is, I'll miss Mizu."

"Don't worry we'll be joining her soon."

"Yes we will that Arianna is a smart gal."

"Already possessing one Tenshi, she'll gather the rest of us in no time."