If Only....

My name is Lucifer. I think you know that though. This is my story. Mine.

Hello! My name is Lucifer.You don't know that though do you? Michael gave you to me. I think he said that, since we don't really have birthdays that we just pretend. Michael is so smart. He said that I could improve on learning with a journal. He also said i should record my daily thoughts here. Okay. I think maybe you should know some of my basic information right? I'm 7 years up here, i think, we don't really have a 'time' system. Anyways, I'm an angel. Michael is my closest friends, he's a destined archangel. Something special. Messiah's creating the universe. Isn't that so amazing? I love watching him just wave his hand and then have something suddenly appear. Even Michael thinks it's cool. Today he said he was gonna create living creatures! We've all been waiting for so long for him to get to this. Messiah's odd in that way though. He has this funny habit of doing things one at a time, one big event at a time. Guess what? Messiah said i could help create a creature! I'm going to create something special. Something that isn't like the other animals that are down on the ground. I've been creating a design for days. I've been basing it off of the other angels and seraphims up here. I made a few changes though. I took off out wings and halos, one of the creatures already has wings and i didn't feel like copying. Halos i kept because i want something to make us special, not like the creatures down there. Something to show that we have a superiority over them. Oh! I have to go otherwise I'll be late. Talk later!

Hi again. Messiah made my creations! He calls them humans. He created two types. I think he calls them sexes. I don't know. Adam and Eve he called them. He left them in the Garden of Eden. Paradise. I think i prefer it up here. So peaceful and quiet. I like it. Michael said that one of the older angels promised to bring the both of us down to earth to check it out. So far it's got a few creatures and plants. It's not as pretty as the gardens, but Michael says that it's going to be really important someday beause it's the center between up here and the depths. No one knows what's in the depths. I think Messiah says that it's filled with all the 'mistakes'. I don't know what he meant. How could he make mistakes? Oh well. Michael challenged me to a game of sparkles. See ya!

Haven't talked in some time. Something horrible happened. The humans have fallen to temptation. I think Messiah said that Eve took the apple, now they have to be sent down. Exiled from the Garden and Paradise. I feel so sorry for them. Messiah says that they had sinned against him. Isn't that horrible? Worse the creatures that were below before have fallen into chaos. Too many of some things, too few of others. Messiah added something called a 'Check System'. One animal keeps in check the other to make sure that the whole place keeps and equilibrium with its surroundings. I think it's frightening. Creatures destroying others for food, killing and destroying. And all the creatures that die! I hate it. I think this is what Messiah's mistakes are. Then why isn't he sending it to the depths? I don't understand. Is this the way it's supposed to be?

Heaven has fallen into chaos. I don't get it. How could this happen? It was supposed to be perfect. Everything was supposed to be perfect. There wasn't supposed to be all the death down there, the humans shouldn't have sinned, why did this happen? The seraphims have begun to rebel. Should i join? I don't know. Is this Messiah's idea of the universe? This chaos, destruction followed by destruction. This is perfection? But I'm afraid. We've never had a revolt before. What shall happen to us?

*notes* Re-wrote the summary and deleted that he was a seraphim. -.-' Maryna told me that Lucifer was a fallen angel. $%!#&!!! I am never getting info from din -ever- again. Geez. And she's supposed to be Catholic and Maryna aethist. *bangs head on table* Anywayz. the change means i have to make a few new scribbles for the rest of the story so no updates till next week or so. Sorry guys! Blame it on din.