If Only....

~*Notes*~ Yeah. Anywayz, i told you i had to make a few changes for the first chapter. Well i didn't do all of them so this chapter might sounds a little weird. Okay. Just forget that Lucifer was supposed to be a seraphim. And if he ever said 'we' or 'us' when refering to the seraphims you should erase that as well. There. The story is going agonizingly slow. I hate beginnings. I wanna get to the fun part!! *sob* Oh well. Patience is a virtue...one i don't have. *sigh* Oh yeah. Dunno if this is really important but i don't own Lucifer, etc. Yeah. Thanks to everyone who reviewed! Of course i've only got a few. . Oh well., I still think i did okay. *~end notes~*

The seraphims have been flung from the heavens. Stripped of power, wings, and dignity, to live on the ground forever. At least most of them. I think some of the higher level seraphims were sent to the below. Everything's calmed down a bit. But the memory is still there. My belief and trust of Messiah is now hanging from fine threads, slowly unraveling as I'm plagued by doubts. The foundation for all my admiration is slowly crumbling. Question are pounding my mind. Messiah made a mistake, but Messiah is perfect isn't he? He -doesn't- make mistakes, he just doesn't, but he did. I don't get it. It's screwing my mind. And then.... The chaos on the ground, if everything is created or caused by Messiah, he chaos is his fault! The mess down there isn't the fault of the creations, it's the fault of the creator!!

I've been trying to explain to Michael. He refuses to listen. He threatened to turn me in if I spoke of this again. His best friend! He said he would turn in his best friend! I can't believe him. As of today all connections I hold with Michael are severed. I'm going to lead a revolt. I can't be the only one questioning can I? I mean, not everyone is Michael, chained to their belief and trust in Messiah right?

I've managed to rally up a small group of angels. We won't attack, not while suspicions are still high and, despite the appearance of calm, inside the tension is still high. We'll be patient and wait. First we have to convince the rest of the angels. We're already filtered out attempting on those who hold too strongly on Messiah. The rest will probably listen. I hope. We plan to attack when we have enough angels to back us up and when defenses are lowered, tensions lessened.

I admit. I've been hiding something. When I said I would cut all ties with Michael, I wasn't really the one to leave him, he struck first, he drifted away from me, 'training to be an arch-angel'. I know it's desperate, but I still try to make him listen, not about Messiah, I know not to talk of that, just casual conversation. He brushes me off every time. I can't believe it. Is becoming cold and heartless* part of becoming Messiah's arch-angel? To turn away from people that have been there since...since the beginning of time?! I swear I shall try to take down Messiah's world, his universe, until...the end of time, until i die.

The revolt has begun. We've brought together some fifty odd angels to rebel. I know it'll be hard, many will probably betray us quickly, I can feel it, the doubt. I still think we can win. I have to believe.

*~Notes~* Cliffie!! The asterick after heartless is cuz i -wanted- to say ' a cold heartless b@$+@rd but i wasn't sure if the rating i chose was high enough for curses. I got this within a week. HA! I kept my promise. Friend asked why i never called Messiah "The Messiah" or "God". Well, mostly because at first Lucifer admired Messiah however he saw him more as a father figure than anything and i'm sure you don't call your father "The Father" correct? Later on he looses all respect and calling him Messiah out of spite than anything else. On Michael being all cold. Dunno. Felt like it. I'm the authoress, i do what i want to. HA! Yeah.... Actually because i had to make a reason for Lucifer fighting him right? Whether the revolt will win of lose. That's sorta...obvious isn't it? I mean how else would he become a fallen angel. Duh ppl. The Seraphims. Well.... I had to have them kicked out at sometime, i just had to. After all i think they were d@mned to he11 right? Anywayz, they have their uses later on. Oh and, maryna? As you said, you can't really right a date, why? because you just -can't-. Oh yeah. Several years have gone by. Meh. forgot to mention that earlier on. so he's like a teen now. ^^ Geez. My notes are practically longer than the story. GAH! Oh well. Ta!