By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was the summer of 1979--my friends and I had gone to Fort Lauderdale,Florida for our spring break.

After we had checked into our hotel rooms,we had decided to check out a nude beach that we had just past.

At first,I really didn't want to go.

But since it was our time to be as wild carefree as we want to be,I had figured that it was going to be the day that Herbie Richards had finally taken a walk on the wild side.

Anyway,as soon as we had arrived at the nude beach and took all of our clothes off,we had stepped out of Zonker's van and started to mingle among those who were already there.

Now,I don't know about the others,but Zonker has been the only guy who had kept trying--and failing--at getting the girl.

Just then,a stray volleyball had hit me on the back of the head and everyone had came over to see if I was alright.

That was when I've met her--a marvelous raven-haired beauty by the name of Sondra Logan,who was in the same predicament as I was.

And of course,even though I go to Cleveland State University and she goes to UCLA,we had suddenly discovered a certain connection between us--that certain connection known as love.

After she had helped me up and apologized for letting her volleyball hit me in the back of the head like that,I had asked her to come with me and have a look inside Zonker's van.

She had nodded her head in agreement and the both of us had walked over to the van.

After we had climbed into the van,a wide-eyed Sondra had looked around and said,"Wow!This van is really great!"

"And you,Sondra.",I've said while looking at the raven-haired Venus,who was sitting in front of me."You are such a beautiful creature."

And after she had heard me say that,Sondra had turned towards me and we had looked into each other's eyes for about a minute or two,before kissing each other ever so passionately on the lips.

And then,while poor pathetic Zonker was still trying to get his hands on a real babe,both Sondra and I were enjoying a moment of pure erotic pleasure together.

As a matter of fact,while we were still going at it,the cops had arrived to place everyone on the beach under arrest for indecent exposure.

That had caused Zonker and the others to get their butts back in the van and zoom away from there.

Those dopes had no idea that Sondra and I were bonging our brains out in the back.

That was until they had stopped at a nearby Burger King to get themselves something to eat.

"You guys want anything else?",asked Zonker,after he had gotten the girls' orders.

"No,thank you!",answered Sondra,who had just overheard the question."We're...just fine!Thank you!Aaaahhhh!"

After they had heard that,Zonker and the girls had walked over to the back of the van,removed the blanket that we were hiding under and became suddenly shocked at the discovery of me and Sondra making love to each other.

"I don't believe it!I just don't believe it!",said a shocked Zonker."I mean,why him instead of me?"

And after we all had heard that,we had just let loose a really big belly laugh,for Zonker had became more pathetic than ever.

Anyway,after we all had our lunch and found something for Sondra to wear,Zonker had drove the van back to her hotel,in order for her to get some of her own clothes on and go to the police station with the bail money for her sorority sisters,who were unable to get away from the cops when they had raided the nude beach.

After the bail has been paid,Sondra and her sorority sisters had gone back to UCLA and me and my friends had gone back to Cleveland State University.

And even though we're so far away,our long distance relationship still remains strong.

As a matter of fact,we're planning on returning to Fort Laurderdale for our summer break.

There's only one thing that we'll be doing differently while we're there--and that's to stay away from any of those nude beaches--even though we had met on one before.