Its night again

(She's screaming)

It's lonely again

(She's fading)

I wish that I could hold her
I wish that it were okay
I wish I knew a magic spell
I wish that life worked that way.
She's standing on that lonely road,
She's lost but so determined,
She seems so frail to me
She's stronger than us all.
Nights that are kept awake
Days that go on without end,
She's silent except for her scars,
She doesn't know how much I love her
And try to keep her sane.
The angel that fell to earth,
You're beautiful but used
I don't know if you care anymore
Maybe you like the abuse.
Its night again,
Baby, I'm your greatest friend
I'll tell you everything you want
I'll keep you from fading.
No matter how long it takes
I'll stand by your side, waiting.