Violated. I don't think there is a better word to describe how I was feeling when I left the movie theater that night. I hardly knew you, and you made me feel so creeped out. You were shorter than I, and your eyes were lifeless little orbs. You act like everything is fine online now, but you don't understand how you made me feel so…violated.

I only wanted to meet you because I needed a date for the prom. On any other occasion, I would have told you to get lost, and leave me the hell alone. Why didn't I listen to my instincts on this one? Why?

You tried to cuddle with me, and I had my hands crossed over my chest so tight, because I thought you were going to grope me. You tried blowing in my ear, and I asked what the hell you were doing. Why didn't I just leave? Why didn't you understand? Then, still you pushed further and tried to stick your hand down the side of my pants and I pulled it out, and was so mad. You then tried to stick your tongue down my throat, but I wouldn't open my lips. As you broke the kiss, I felt like you had stolen something from me, but I am still unable to place my finger on what it was. I felt like everything I have worked hard for was lost in that moment. Tears welled up in my eyes, this was not what I had wanted, I didn't feel in control; and that scared me. I complained my back hurt, and you finally let go of my side. I felt so free, if only for that minute.

As we were out in the parking lot, you made fun of my car. I wanted to kick you as hard as I could, and tried to open my door to leave. You grabbed on to me, and started kissing me again. I pushed you away gently, to tell you to get off, you didn't take the hint again, and I said, "Let me go home!" You said, "Okay, drive safe." Then you kissed me again, you bastard. You started walking to your car, and I wanted so badly to spit on the ground for hours. When I finally got into my car, I turned it on so fast, because my car locks automatically. I waited until I saw you leave the parking lot, I didn't want you following me home.

When I got home, I took a long shower, spitting constantly. I wanted to sterilize myself from your touch, your dirty, grabby hands. I brushed my teeth for a good five minutes, I wanted to get your taste off my lips and tongue. Now your trying to talk to me online, and I'm giving you one word answers. You took something from me, give it back, or leave me alone.

I'm lucky you didn't violate me more, but it was more emotional than physical. I have learned from my mistake, and know that I will never do anything like this again. Now I just need to get you to leave me alone. Please leave me alone…