Title: Straightedge Owns You
Author: Ginia
Genre: General Teen Angst, Romance
Rating: PG-13 (at the most for profanity and rare innocent m/m)

This is a coming-of-age story of infatuation, love, and life experiences in high school. Isn't it amazing what one person can do to your life? Seann changed Virginia's life. He impacted her more than anybody else. He saved her.

Written: Friday, May 16, 2003

Prologue: Change

Hi. I'm not exactly sure who you are but maybe you can help me. Could you please? My name is Virginia and I am sixteen years old. Yes, I know I am just a teenager, but I am dying. Please don't worry because I've been dying since the moment I was born. I do need your help though…I need you to know me more than anybody else.


Have you ever filled out a questionnaire? I have and it began with the usual questions:

Name: Virginia

Birth date: December 31, 1986

Favorite Color: Dark Pink

Anyway, a couple times before I came across the question, "biggest secret?" I always left that part blank because my biggest secret would be unacceptable to society. No, I am not gay. If that's a double negative, I just meant that I am not a homosexual. I am just attracted to guys, but I'm not sheltered or homophobic or anything like that. I accept and admire guys who swing that way. I don't have anything against homosexual girls either, but they freak me out.

When I was a freshmen, there was this cute, straightedge senior named Seann. I knew of him because he was a teacher's aide for my best friend's biology class. She had a crush on him and I simply wanted to meet him. By December of that year, I looked him up on AOL member directory. He had a profile and was online. I instant messaged him thinking I was bold.

Catina443: Heylo. Do you go to SC?

VanityXsXeX: Yes. Are you from SC also?

Catina443: Yeah. I just moved recently and wanted to find out more about the place. I'm sorry if I am disturbing you.

--I lied. I just wanted to meet him.

VanityXsXeX: Haha, not at all. Where were you from?

Catina443: Overly rated Las Vegas. OH I'm Virginia and I am a junior. And you are…?

--I lied again about my grade, and I already knew who he was.

VanityXsXeX: Seann. I am a senior.

It continued for twenty intense minutes after that, and we established a short, online friendship of eight other conversations. The last conversation was three hours long and consisted of me asking him lame questions from a questionnaire. I don't think he ever knew that he changed my life. He opened my eyes and affected my world before I have ever clicked "send" to VanityXsXeX.

A/N: To Be Continued…

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