Death of a Christmas Angel

Pretty child with pretty name,
blessed with beauty, cursed with fame.
Focus of the dreams
and aspirations of so many.
Dressed in scarlet, painted face
still the world could see your grace
and that trace of innocense.
You know it drove them crazy.

Oh, it was so plain to see,
you weren't long for this world.
And it was so plain to me that
You never had the time to grow,
to learn to build up your fences.
When the ones who love you best
use you most, it's such a test.
When you trust it only leaves you
all alone without defenses.

Now there's another angel in heaven.
God took you home in the season of light.
Christmas dawn found you an angel in heaven.
But you went through hell
on earth that last night.

Poor pretty child, used to the spotlight.
They made you at home
in the media's eye.
Living your life with the heat
of their ambitions.
But no one ever heard you as you suffered and you cried.

Now there's another angel in heaven.
A sweet Christmas angel,
as pure as a dove.
Now you don't have to
parade for their pleasure.
It took death to give you
unconditional love.

You passed through the dark
and the pain and the sorrow.
You left it behind
with the hype and the fear.
Somebody made you an
angel in heaven.
God rot their soul
for sending you there.