Waiting for the call
how could you swallow it all?
bittersweet something's all seem so small
Waiting on the call that we know you'll never get.

"What a pity" we all said
and we all stood around as you bled
we once said "is there anything we can do?"
But you kept on waiting for the call that we knew you'd never get

The music that was sung that day
the blues that echoed as they played
it seems a blur now, so long ago
you sat their by that telephone you looked up and you said "no"

It was 8:30 on the dot
you said that there was no way you'd get caught
the thorns of thought were in your mind
we all searched and searched but could not find
You waited by the telephone that must of rung a thousand times

By 11:00 we all were worried
times were tough and you were hurried
sick of all the blasphemy
we knew that it was half past 3
hope had faded long before 5
and by dawn the phone was off it's hook.

The telephone had done you wrong
you sat out to find that someone
you left us there and we left you
you waited on the call that never came