By:Andrew Troy Keller

My name is John Blake and I was an agent for the C.I.A.!

We had been trained for any type of situation--except for whatever happens when a certain device falls into the hands of a madman who is plotting to take over the entire world.

It had started at the laboratory of one Dr. Arnold Belushi,who was working on a lazer that would turn any type of known metal into pure gold.

But just before he was about to introduce his newest invention to the world,a crazed billionaire named Alexander Goldenrod and his goons had forced their way into the lab,shoved Dr. Belushi aside like a rag doll and made off with the gold-beam.

About a week later,Goldenrod was in the city of New York and causing mayhem whereever he had gone in the city.

As soon as I had arrived,almost half of the city had became a gold plated war zone.

Fortunetly,I've got a plan to put an end to Goldenrod's reign of terror once and all.

After he had reached Times Square,the crazed billionaire had aimed the lazer straight at one of the buildings and was to open fire.

But just before he was about to zap that building into a pile of gold bricks,I had snuck up behind him and literally thrown a monkey wrench into the works.

And when he had pulled the trigger,the lazer had back-fired and caused Goldenrod to become a living statue of pure gold,which goes to prove that all that C.I.A. training was nothing compared to good-old-fashioned street smarts.