Sorry about the strange title, but I'm obsessed with the names of different phobias these days! Philophobia is the fear of falling in love, [or something like that]. This 'poem' is about one of the most commonly repeated 'situation' in most love stories! Heartbreak. It was actually inspired by a Nokia phone logo. So now you know why it isn't so good. And no, I have never experienced heartbreak before. So there. Please read and review, constructive criticism greatly appreciated ^^


A ''perfect'' heart steadily beating;

Innocent, naïve, undisturbed,

Never yet to see darkness

Nor light

That of a vulnerable child's

The perfect heart starts to beat faster.

It had finally offered itself.

'Twas its first time

In the light

The artificial light of love

The once untouched heart,

Now blinded by the light,

Takes a single step

Not seeing, not expecting

The dark abyss

And so it falls;

Taken away from the warmth,

Everything it had believed to be true,

It cried

The pain was unbearable


On the cold hard ground

It begins to mend itself.

"Never again,"

It says,

But the heart --

'Tis a foolish thing.

A/N: Have you noticed the annoying fact that I mentioned the word ''light'' 4 TIMES?! Sorry bout that! ^^()