How much of life
is there without you
Just don't answer that
I know there is none.
Don't forget me
Please call back
Will these words
be the last we'll ever speak?
I worry for your future,
wish it didn't have to be
But then you're always leaving
What do I care?
But from the bottom of my heart
I always know the answer
always know that I can't live without you
--can't live near you--
Then what do I do?
Do you see it in my eyes?
Can you see how much
I love you,
how much I question you?
Do you really have to leave
me in shattered pieces
Can't you just stay
and forget those words I said?
I love you more than life
can't live without you
can't live with you
What do I do?
Only you know the answers.
But from the bottom of my heart
I really know that's not true
because if I am you,
then all my answers
have been answered.
But am I really you?
You tell me no.
I'm so confused
by your actions
--your world--
How much do I know you?
How much do you know me?
Can really see
into the heart of my eyes
and tell me that you see more?
I know I can't have you
can't live with you
can't live without
But will you ever forget me
Will these be our final words?
I don't know the answers
I doubt I ever will...
But then somewhere I felt...
That I've known it all along.
But now that's history
because you're no longer here.
What point does it make?
Only I know the answer.