My dreams are so far away,
captured in the mist of
Who could retrieve them,
except for me?
Because I'm locked within
your gaze.
If my hands could reach
so far away,
Maybe I could still
go chase my dreams
But I can't reach.
I can't move.
Because you're here
Holding me in place.
Tell me to fly
away from you.
Tell me to go
and find my dreams.
Tell me to leave you,
and I stubbornly won't.
Because all my dreams
are just with you.
Let them crash.
Let them fall.
They, I know, will be safe
with you.
But don't you go leave me,
I love you so much.
Don't you go use
your weapons on my heart.
Tell me to leave,
and I stubbornly won't,
But tell me to hate you
and I'll crash to the floor.