When I shut my eyes
Why am I dragged so far?
I guess I am the butterfly
Captured in a jar
I move with the ocean
There is a current around me
It's too good to be true
Because my thoughts are in the sea
When will I be free?
You can help me the way no one can
Is it you covering my sight
Or do you take me by the hand?
I don't ask for much
I won't need a thing
When you're gone
I'll live on what life will bring
When I shut my eyes
Does the world stare?
Why do the people
Give me that cold glare
Yes, I get that
Even when I can see
No one can stop it
From getting to me
When I shut my eyes.
I am alone
I can't see
There is really no one
Protecting me
When they are shut.
The rest of me is open.