I thought I saw you today

You were inside the café
where you first took my hand
and words of Keats
passed effortlessly through your lips
into my soul.

I traced your steps through the park
where we exchanged the darkest
fragments of our troubled pasts
and entrusted to each other
our desire for a brighter future.

You paused at the mailbox
my deposit for messages
that lamented my despair
talked of better times
and warmer nights.

I was shaking like the first time
you kissed me
at the thought you came back
the flutter of my heart
set the world turning again.

Words I longed to transform
into daylight confessions
hung on the morning mist ---
my heart betrayed once more
by what my mind knows true.

They are not your eyes and
Like yesterday, I still walk alone
The stranger stares back unsure
why he's being followed
or why she's crying.

I thought I saw you today

I didn't

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