It was my dream and my nightmare,
Starring with you in the play,
Where I could see you every day.
You would hold me close,
And say the things I wished you'd say
When we left the theatre.
Somehow it didn't matter
That you were only acting.
I still held your hand,
And felt the warmth of your body.
To you, it was work
To me, it was real.

But she was always there
Watching on nervously.
Burning with jealousy
When you kissed my cheek,
Or stroked my hair.
You would never hurt her -
Never leave her for me.
Everyone says
My performance is rare
'Such conviction', they tell me.
But if only they knew
I wasn't acting at all.

For it is on the stage
Reciting another's words
That I tell you what I feel.
It is the only time
I don't have to pretend
We're just friends.
On stage -
For a few hours each night -
You are mine.
And I can stop putting on an act,
Look you in the eye,
And be myself.

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