Apprehensively, McMahan Kenton walked up to the charred building, while the approaching storm bellowed; a horrible feeling of dread filled him then passed. Lately more and more of Nihilist's citizens were raging against him, rioting and attempting to kill him. Quickly he glanced around; his bodyguards were in close of enough range so if a sniper was spotted they could quickly do away with him or her. That reassurance washed away the anxiety which clouded his mind; it wasn't easy being a leader in a world where anarchy was rampant.

A leader; that was what he called himself, even if everyone called him a dictator he was still a leader. He was the only leader they had. And the ghettos needed him, especially Nihilist, needed him to get revenge on the Star Life X.0, to get retribution for being exiled while the New Civilization lived in supreme luxury. If and when he got the outcasts out of the hell bestowed upon them, it would be his right to rule as he saw fit. A leader was needed, and God knows no other Nihilist citizen could compare to him.

Still, the ghettos were full of criminals, all sorts of vermin were sent down here from the New Civilization, and it seemed all wanted to get back at the government that betrayed. Hate and distrust forced them to appall any political party or leader, McMahan Kenton was the prime target. That's why he needed bodyguards around him; loyal bodyguards, not the lowlife scum that would betray their employers for any sum of money.

Without a word Kenton entered the building, seemly oblivious but keenly aware of the world around him. Inside there was silence, not a calm silence, a threatening one which drowned out the beginning storm outside. Something wasn't right and Kenton didn't like the dread coursing through him.

Then it happened, the loud thunderclap of a pistol going off. Careening, like lightning, to the left, Kenton barely dodged the bullet that flew pass him. Within a nanosecond his guards rushed, apprehending the would-be assassin. With the dim lighting it took a while to clearly see the assassin's face. He took a step back in surprise; it was the girl he robbed on the street.

"Well, well. I guess the message I gave you on the street didn't get through your thick head. Maybe you need another lesson." Kenton got out his switchblade and walked up to J-Leigh, who struggled to escape the grip of the guard. Seeing the switchblade she paled and her struggle became more frantic.

Whether by luck or fate, another thunderclap sound filled the room, sidetracking Kenton and the guard. It was only the storm but in that split- second J-Leigh escaped the guard's grip and grabbed for his gun. However, Kenton turned his attention to her in time and stabbed her in the stomach. Blood gushed from the puncture wound as she fell to the charred wooden floor.

"Humph, bitch, that's what you get for messing with me." Before he could order the guard to finish her off another guard came running in.

"Kenton, sir! There's a riot outside threatening to burn this place to the ground." The second guard reported.

"What?!" Kenton seethed, "Let's go."

J-Leigh barely heard what Kenton and the guards were saying, all she noticed was the Colt, lying just a measly foot away from her reach. Realizing that this was her only chance, she ignored the pain and rushed to the gun. With a strikingly calm demeanor, J-Leigh aimed and pulled the trigger. As deafening as the sound of the blast was, the storm outside blocked it out and on the floor laid a body covered with blood, McMahan Kenton was no more.