Souls Divided: Caliber Under Fire By Kelly Barina

"Alone you are nothing but souls divided, but united, you
have caliber under fire."

Author's note: I wanted to try something different with this story so I did a double first person kinda thing. So basically I tell the story from each of the brother's perspectives. Originally, I just had two different fonts for each of them, but since doesn't let me post different fonts, I decided to put a different symbol when I switch people. # means that it's from Roel's perspective and % means its Andy. A little confusing, I know, but let's see if this works. (

#No more.
I will tolerate no more. Life has dealt me the worst of everything, all of which I accepted gladly. I bore all of my burdens alone.
But no more.
I refuse to allow this world and all of its inhabitants to ruin my life. I will destroy them all first.

%Why must we always be at war? Can there be no peace?
Why is this always the answer? Why is it the only answer? Why is this the only way that can ever be chosen? Isn't there another path?
I know there is.
And I plan to find it.

%No more.# * * * * * * * * * * * *
%Truthfully, I don't know when it all started. I still don't completely know why it started. All I know is that it did. And it's been destroying our lives one by one ever since. That's what war does. That's what it's meant to do - diminish hope, stir up fear, rip away lives. War. the cruel irony that replays itself throughout history.
And somehow we got placed right in the middle of it all. The both of us, my twin brother and I. Trapped in a never-ending battle for no reason. .Maybe I phrased that incorrectly. We were trapped because we were the reason. The flames of war burned brighter because of us. Or rather, because of him. Because of Roel. * * * * * * * * * * * *
#"How dare you speak back to me in such a way!" a tall man boomed and threw a chair across the room in anger. Once he released the chair, he knees gave way and he began to descend. His weary arms somehow had the strength to stop his fall by grabbing hold of a nearby stool. "You should respect me!"
"If you demand respect, then I deserve the same courtesy. Father," I muttered the last word with disgust. Even though I was very courageous to speak to my Father so, I slid back, keeping a good distance between us. My black cloak dragged the floor and I warily raised the hood over my dark hair, shading my face. I glanced over my shoulder and inwardly smiled when I spotted the front door nearby. It hung wide open, inviting me to taste freedom.
"You impudent brat!" My Father glared at me, shooting a stare of pure venom at me. I braced myself for his rage and I narrowed my eyes at him in defiance.
"You cannot keep me here against my will!" I spat out.
"Where do you plan to go, Roel? Go back to your foolish Mother? The wench that ran off with another man?" he mocked, slurring his words. I winced slightly when my nose caught the smell of liquor on his body. Not again. How can he continue on in this way? Doesn't he see the damage that he inflicts on himself? .Doesn't he see the damage he inflicts on. me?
"No!" I shouted with so much fury that I surprised myself. "I refuse to lose sight of who I am and I will not allow you to trap me anymore! I have no reason to be here anymore. I will find my own purpose for being and destroy any who oppose me."
"Then you have me to deal with first, Roel!" Father lunged for me in drunken rage and I raised my fists to defend myself as a last resort.
Then I shall gladly defeat you. * * * * * * * * * * * *