By Anime Queen


I really wasn't going to post it up originally, but I'm having doubts whether I should continue it, since at the moment I'm kind of stuck, and short of ideas on how to continue it. Well, please review, and tell me what you think about it. Also, not only is constructive criticism ok, but I welcome it with open arms!!! Ok, now onto the thing.

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Her name is Anniki Storm. Hardly anyone knows or notices her, and the young girl doesn't really care. But the spirit watches over her. The spirit of her grandfather. It knows everything about Anniki. Even more than she knows about herself.

Because the same thing that happened to him was going to happen to her. The spirit has been there, and seen it all. And now it has only one mission - to make sure Anniki will follow the same path.

The attic. Just as it has been when the late Mr. V. Storm was a child. The same pile of old costumes. Broken toys. Christmas tree decorations. Faded photographs with torn edges. It was all the same. No one has entered here after Anniki's grandfather moved out of the house to live in the country.

The spirit slowly circled the stuffy small room in search of a good place. Finally it settled on top of an old crate behind some old clothes. The time came for it to complete its destiny. It looked around once again before casting the spell that would end its final mission.


I guess it was kinda short, but it's just the prologue! I have quite a bit of it done, so I'll update again soon, if I get enough reviews (which shows that it's worth continuing to post it, or not) I'd like to say that I write because I like to write, not just for the reviews. Altho I love reviews, and the people who write them! ^_^ Please review!