HAWK SAGE: This is my first story on this site. I have been writing this story since I was in seventh grade. After awhile, I finally decided to post it. I hope you like it. I dedicate this fic to Cheetoh Frito because she's the one who told me to never give up on this. This is also for Jen because she's been a big help on this.

Friend or Foe

Chapter 1

Two special twins were born. Nobody, but their father knew of their strength and what would become of them in the future. The name of the girl is Mollie and the name of the boy is Ken. Mollie has dark, dark green hair, and dark green eyes. Ken on the other hand, has dark, dark blue hair, and dark blue eyes. Their father went on a trip for his job when they were 4 years old, but never came back to them. So, they grew up waiting for their dad.

When they were sixteen, they moved. The family moved to their grandmother's house. Her house was in the country where there were woods near by. Mollie was wearing an off white squort and a baby blue/green tanktop. Ken was wearing a jungle print shirt with jean pants. Well, one day, Mollie and Ken went outside to play. Their grandma told them not to go far from the house.

"We won't," Mollie yelled while she was running.

"We promise," Ken yelled chasing after his sister. So they ran off into the woods. Mollie sat down and started to read her book.

"How about we go over to the stream?" Ken said.

"How about we not," Mollie said in an annoyed voice.

"Come on, please," Ken said putting Mollie's book down, forcing her to see him.

"Okay, okay. I'll come with you," Mollie said really annoyed at him this time. You see, Ken knew how to get his sister to do things he wants to do. There are only two things which are: 1.Making puppy faces and 2.They were psychic, so they could annoy each other to death telepathically.

"Hey, look, it's Kyn, over there!" Mollie exclaimed, while pointing. Kyn was a sort of golden, brown hawk. 'Hey Kyn,' they said softly telepathically to her.

'Oh, hi. How are you?' she asked.

'We're fine and you?' they asked.

'Oh, fine doing fine,' she said in a scared/worried voice.

'What's wrong?' asked Ken.

'Nothing, nothing ...well...uh...well... okay, some demented human started killing and destroying the forest and the animals!' Kyn said crying.

'Why?' Mollie asked.

'Because there is a legend about two psychic kids, and when they are together, he will kill anyone who tries to kill the ruler of the forest. He did swear that he'd separate them and then kill them, the youngest first,' Kyn said.

"We're doomed Mollie," Ken said looking at his little sister. "We've got to get out of here for our safety, but yours the most." Mollie nodded. When they looked at the place where Kyn was, she was not there. "Where did she go?" Ken asked.

Mollie shrugged, then asked, "Where are we?" Mollie looked around and all she could see is the forest, but not Ken. "This is not funny Ken!" Mollie yelled, "Where are you?"

Ken was still by the stream. Ken screamed, "Mollie I will find you, no matter what!"

"You two will NEVER find each other and then destroy me," a mysterious man chuckled, "NEVER!" The forest rang with laughter. Now Ken and Mollie need to find each other before he finds them or they will never see each other again.