Name: Ried Hershel
Nickname: Ried
Age: 19
Hair color: red
Sex: male
Techniques: Demon hammer, Sonic swarm, Demon lightning hammer, lightning
blade, super lightning blade, sonic blade, twin sonic blade, neo sonic
swarm, swarm, tempest strike, omega tempest strike, omega demon hammer,
spiral strike, Sonic blast
Weapon: sword
Attitude or personality: Ried is an active boy, he is kind, brave,
friendly, careless, determined, caring, helpful, encouraging, hyper,
adventurous, simple, has an ability to lead, and kind of funny too.
He is also secretly in love with Farah hehe. (^_^)

Name: Farah Oersted
Nickname: Farah
Age: 18
Hair color: green
Sex: female
Techniques: Healer, Triple blossom, sonic fist, chi, swallow dance, eagle
dive, death blossom, palm strike, life, rising dragon strike
Weapon: none
Attitude or personality: Farah is a hardworking and active person; she
always looks at the positive side. She is kind, friendly, encouraging,
always ready, smart, tuff, determined, caring, helpful, easily irritated,
hyper, brave, and a simple type of girl. She is also secretly in love with
Ried. (^_^)

Name: Keel Zeibel
Nickname: Keel
Age: 18
Hair color: dark blue
Sex: male
Techniques: fireball, aqua edge, wind blade
Weapon: staff
Attitude or personality: Keel, Keel is an intelligent boy studying in
Mintche University. He is kind, ,friendly, and kind of scientific, not
that brave, caring, helpful, encouraging, kind of a worrywart type of boy,
but in spite of that, he gives good company and his intelligence and
knowledge is quite handy. He is also secretly in love with Meredy hehe.

Name: Meredy
Nickname: Meredy
Age: 17
Hair color: light violet
Sex: female
Techniques: grave, lightning, and
Weapon: none
Attitude or personality: Meredy is a Celestian girl, which means she came
from Celestia. Meredy is a cheerful, kind, loving, caring, determined,
brave, helpful, gentle, and friendly type of girl. She is also secretly in
love with Keel. (^_^)
TRANSLATIONS: (Japanese to English) (arigatou gozai I mas
Kishinsatsu!(aivan)) (hehe. ^_^!)
nanimonai - nothing
okasan / okachan - mother
honto - really
demo or kedo - but
teme - for the sake of.
dakara - that's why
gomennasai - sorry
daijoubu - alright, okay, possible
hayaku - hurry
nani - what
naze - why
iie - no
saiyonara - good bye
yameru - stop
oyasumi - good night
konnichiwa - good afternoon
mina - everyone / everybody
kobanwa - good evening
sensei - a sign of respect
ohayo - morning
tasukete - help
ohayo gozai matsu - good morning
usotstuki - liar
arigatou - thank you / thanks
wakarimashta - as you wish
arigatou gozai i mas - thank you very much
otosan / otochan - father
baka - idiot
dwaho - dumb / creep / stupid
urusai - shut up / keep quiet
kuso - darn / darn it
itedekimasu - bon appetite / let's eat
o - yes / sure
hai - yes
onisan or onichan - big brother
ani or aniki - older brother
kawaii - cute
oyaji - dad
sugoii - terrific or wonderful
onesan - big sister
kokoro - heart
ichi - 1
ni - 2
san - 3
shi - 4
go - 5
roku - 6
shichi - 7
hachi - 8
kyu - 9
ju - 10
ryoukai - roger
hanase - let go
haru - springtime