Dear fans,

A little note to former/present fans, I loved your raves and all but sad to say being busy these days I haven't updated much in Tales of Eternia 2. I apologize for this I sincerely do but these times I wanted to concentrate on my original fics. I thank you for your support and wonderful reviews. I would like to dedicate the following stories to you thank you! I will sooner update this fanfic, sooner in time, but for now I hope you can read my other works those I have made from scratch. I would really like to hear your comments on them. Well then thank you once again, please read my profile for more information yes I update every 2 weeks now every 1st or 2nd of the month and 24 or 23 of the month arigatou! Once again and hope to see you read the other stories I hope this gives ya a way to look at my other works instead of pondering on one of them. Thank you for your undying support and I hope to keep this relationship with you guys after all you guys are my treasured fans I would never have come this far without you guys! Thank you! So please read and review the others okay thank you! Anime4ever! -Nic