Chapter 2

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"FARAH! Wake up!" I heard my brothers more then loud voice shouting from downstairs. "I'm up!" I shouted back. I wasn't mad, which was surprising. I looked out my window at the sun-drenched world and I smiled. Everything seemed to be going my way. My grades weren't bad, and my boyfriend was.well, perfect! Who cares what Simon says? He doesn't even know who Jake is, let alone his personality.


I didn't see Jake until the end of the school day, in Science. We had to pair up for an experiment, and, of course, we paired together. I was so excited. Every time I saw Jake, I couldn't help but smile at him whole- heartedly. "Hey babe." He whispered to me and winked. I smiled back at him. "I have work today, after school. I really wish I didn't, so we could spend time together." I said, telling the honest truth. "That's okay." He grinned. "I'll find a way." His looked like he was plotting something, and I didn't know if I was comfortable with that look, but I grinned back at him to make him happy. "Jake Reed and Farah Taffe! If you don't stop disrupting the lesson, I will be forced to evict you from the room." The very proper Mrs. Deronian threatened maliciously. Mrs. Deronian never seemed to like me. I suppressed a giggle at how serious she was, and Jake nodded very seriously. Mrs. Deronian continued with the lesson. The bell rang, and we walked out together, Jake's hand around my waist. I could have sworn I saw Mrs. Deronian glare at me before I walked out of her classroom.


I was putting on my tan "Café Break" apron when my boss walked up to me and told me to come to his office. It was Friday, and I usually got my check on Friday, so I followed with haste. "Sit down." My boss, Mr. Rayved, said glumly. I noticed a sad tone in his voice. "Farah, you-have-been-working-here-for-nearly-2-years-now-and-you- have-been-a-great-worker." Mr. Rayved said, in one breath. I nodded, unsure of what to say. "Unfortunately, I found that note you wrote to David Richardson, and I can't allow that type of thing going on in my café." He paused, waiting for my reaction. "What note?" I asked, extremely perplexed. I knew David quite well; he was also a waiter at the café. I never wrote a so-called "note" to him. "I think you know very well." He held up a wrinkled piece of paper. He handed it to me with caution, eyeing me suspiciously. I read the note and gasped; it was full of offensive suggestions about David and I. It said that it was from me, to David, telling him that I wanted to do things with him that I would never do with anyone. Things I cannot even repeat. "Mr. Rayved, I-I would never-" I stuttered, utterly shocked and confused. "Your signature, Farah. I compared it with the one on your contract. They're an exact match." He held my contract next to the letter and he was right, the signatures were identical. I gasped, my head felt like it was going to burst with all the confusion. "I'm afraid I have no choice but to let you go." He sighed heavily and handed me my last paycheck. I took the paycheck and handed over my apron. I wasn't only unemployed, I was hateful toward whoever would go so far as to write a nasty letter to frame me. I always tried to avoid having enemies, and I didn't think I had any, until that day. I walked into my house. It was only 3:30. I wasn't sure if I felt up to talking to my brother about it, because he probably wouldn't understand. "Far? You okay?" As if on cue, Simon walked into the living room, and up to me. "I'm fine." I said, taking extra care to pronounce each word correctly. "I doubt it." Simon said, almost sounding concerned. "Leave me be." I said, trying not to get annoyed. "I can't, because, I'm supposed to do that big brother crap that mom always lectures me about." He grinned a bit, but I found him less than funny. I glared at him, then spun around and went upstairs so fast, I hardly knew what I was doing. I didn't know why it upset me so much. I just had this sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach that someone was trying to ruin me. I felt bad taking it out on Simon, but he was the person who was always there, like a personal punching bag for all my anger. The phone rang, and I hesitated, but got up to answer it. "Hello?" I said, wiping tears of frustration out of my eyes. "Hey babe." Jake's soothing voice melted over me, and relief went through my body. "Oh, I'm so glad you called." I said, almost in a whisper. "I called your café and they said you were let go. Wanna talk about it?" Jake asked, his voice deep and soft at the same time. "I'll meet you in the park in five minutes." I said, making up my mind incredibly fast. "I was thinking my place might be-quieter. My parents are at work and my sis is out with friends." Jake suggested. "Sure." I said, quickly agreeing, eager to see Jake. "Be there in five, babe." He said reassuringly. "Make it three." I said. I didn't know what had gotten into me. I was so anxious to see him I could hardly stand it. "Got it." He said, and I cold tell he was grinning. He hung up, and I quickly did my hair and ran downstairs. "Where are you-" I slammed the door before Simon could finish his sentence. I jumped into Jake's red corvette convertible and he zoomed away, leaving Simon in front of my front of the house, awestruck. "Jake Reed- shoulda known." Simon said to nobody in particular, shaking his head in disappointment. "I just hope she gets back soon enough so I can tell her."