-- Title -- Thread of Red.

-- Author -- EngelWachterInderHolle.

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-- Chapter -- One

-- Title -- Becoming a Master.


My family line.

Strange and horrifingly queer.

My name is Naomi Lina, sixteen years old and already labeled the 'normal of the bunch' out of my mother and grandmother. Both are Seers, those who could see into the future, past and ect. I remember when I was small and my grandmother touched my forehead, her eyes blanked and this weird aura came from her that I didn't understand at the time. She said," Nao, you'll be a Master some day. You'll travel the Other World in search of your Partner."

I still have no idea what that was all about. My mother, Shaniece Lina, used to hold me every hour of the day until I was ten years old. She said it would make us bond more, but that didn't happen. I think grandma Nez has all the Seer genes. Well, it's two days before my seventeenth birthday. Only a year until I'm able to get out of this place called Kindrask. ---

"Nao!" Shaniece called.

I opened my eyes. "I'm up," I mumbled into the warm sheets of my bed.

It was saturday morning, twelve sharp in the afternoon. Rather than sleeping in and behaving like a normal human being, I was woken up at twelve to eat breakfast and go outside to sit in the middle of the vast field near our house for two whole hours. I didn't know why I -had- to do that, but it was my mother's orders. Grandma Nez and mom always called me Nao for some reason, it didn't bother me..but I would like to remember my whole name by time I hit twenty years old.

I got out of bed and dressed quickly as a groggy person could. Stumbling and whatnot.


"I'm up!!" I yelled back, turning my voice hoarse.

I looked into the mirror quickly. I wasn't that good looking in my opinion. With freckles speckled over my nose, dark hair draping over my shoulders and my light blue eyes seeming to glow and darken in a matter of a minute. School was out for the summer, so I didn't have to worry about it for a while. Running down the stairs while trying to put a shoe on does get your metabolism kicked in the rear, until you fall that is.

A kur-plunk and you know I hit rock bottom.

"Nao, you're going to ruin the floor by bouncing around like that," Grandma Nez said as she hobbled by with her fat cat at her heels.

It looked at me with its' overly sized face and seemed to sneer at me. I frowned. "Go exercise once in a while, ya old fat cat," I muttered.

Yulander is his name, and making a permanent mark in your cheek is his game.

I left the living room with two clean scratches on my right cheek and anger brewing in my soul. My mother stood near the sink doing nothing, just standing there staring out the window. "Mom?"

She blinked and turned to me, scanning me over with her dark green eyes. I looked nothing like my mother and I never seen my father, so I don't know who I got my looks from. May he or she rest in peace though. "Oh, Nao," she said.

Tears started in her eyes but she quickly wiped them away. I tried to figure out why she was crying. "What is it?" I asked.

"I didn't think they'd come so soon."


"They came early this year.."

"Who, mom!? Who came early!"

"Nao, be safe. I didn't see this in my readings, but I know you'll be alright," Grandma Nez said.

I turned around quickly and stomped my right foot. "WHO!? What are you two talking about!?"

The door opened and in stepped the two most attractive looking men I'd ever seen. "Good day, Nez. Is this your granddaughter?" The dark haired hunk of meat on the right asked.

"Yes, Trai."

He looked over at me with his dark purple eyes and I realized he had an earring in his left ear near the top. It had a symbol of some sort I couldn't translate.

"Shaniece, we'll take care of her," the blonde left one said with a warm smile.

"You better. Oh, Sky?"

"Yes ma'm?"

"Be sure to have my potions here by thursday this upcoming week."

Sky nodded and Trai held his hand out to me. They both were dressed in uniforms which showed every muscle there could possibly be. Black baggy jeans, a white shirt underneath a black tunic which buttoned up to the middle of their throats and buckle boots. Buckle boots are boots with so many buckles on them, it's like they're made up of buckles. Stylish in this time though. "Ready to go, Naomi?" He asked.


"Your destiny."

I blinked and took his hand, feeling the warmth and steel muscle. I was led out of the house and I almost screamed when I saw the large golden dragon with great white wings made of, what looked like, glass. His eyes were crimson red and his whiskers touched the ground. "Good evening, Naomi Lina. Your destiny awaits you," he said.

"H-he can talk?" I stammered.

"Yes," Sky replied.

I turned to look at them both. "You're not coming with me?!"

They shook their heads and before I could react the dragon picked me up and placed me on his back. "Hang on, Naomi."

His great wings moved and I grabbed a hold of his whiskers as tightly as I could manage. He rose in the air and I closed my eyes as he rocketed forward. I remember myself screaming as loud as I could to get off this ride, but nothing happened. My destiny was unfolding and I would have to get rid of this riding burn from my butt first before enjoying what may come.

-- To Be Continued. -- Hope you liked. ^_^; Sorry it was sooo short!