-- Title -- Thread of Red.

-- Author -- EngelWachterInderHolle.

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-- Chapter -- Twenty

-- Title -- When I Wake


Saji handed me a wet towel and I pressed it to my forehead. He watched me intently and occasionaly took my hand and squeezed it gently. "Xaveran will worry about me," I murmered.

"No he won't," Saji replied.

He's a ghost, I reminded myself with a snort, a ghost of my past that I need to be real.

Saji smiled slightly. "After tomorrow morning you'll be awake and with Cirus."

"Who is Cirus to me when I wake?"

"You'll find that out when you wake, my dear."

I frowned and got to my feet. "Can't I get this all overwith now?" I asked.

"You have to wait until tomorrow morning, Naomi," he replied.

Saji got to his feet also and pulled me into a warm embrace, his right hand smoothing down my hair as he hummed a song. It vibrated his ribcage and soon transfered to me, making me drowsy.


I opened my eyes and looked up towards the sky, it had become nothing but darkness.

"Don't be afraid, he'll pass right through you," Saji whispered before stepping away.

Xaveran ran towards me, his hand outstretched to me. "Naomi!" He yelled.

I looked up again and Siesuki was coming, his damon blade poised to kill. I then looked at Xaveran, the one I had -loved- all my life. "Good bye," was all I could say.

Siesuki came down and I saw the blood and my body dropped, well, a body which looked like mine. Xaveran dropped to a low crouched position, unsheathed his blade and swiped outwards. Siesuki's head flew a couple of yards away and his body crumpled to the ground. "Naomi!!!" Xaveran cried as he fell to his knees next to the body.

I took a step back as he held my body in his arms, tears mixed with the blood. "No!!! Damnit!"

He raised his head up and I saw the expression on my face. Pure bliss. Death had come from the man I had loved, really loved. While the Dragonian I went out of my way to love wept while he held me in his arms and trembled with sorrow. "What do you want from me!? Is this punishment for loving my Master?!" Xaveran snarled at the sky.

I looked at Saji and he held his hand out to me. "A spirit needs to be in her real body, take my hand and you'll be returned," he said.

His hand, or just to wander aimlessly around Dragonis. I took one last look at Xaveran before taking Saji's hand in mine and getting thrown into a pain filled vortex of light.


I gasped and hands supported my back. My mind lightened the fog and I realized Cirus was sitting next to my bed, his eyes filled with astonishment and worry. "Naomi!" He exclaimed.

I breathed in a deep breath and grabbed his shirt as I steadied myself. "Doctor! She's awake!!"

A white haired man with wire framed glasses rushed in. "Two years of a coma and she's awake! This is the work of an angel!" He exclaimed while looking at machines.

I blinked and swallowed hard, trying to get the dry taste out of my mouth. "What...where am I?" I murmered.

Cirus pulled me close. "Earth, baby. It's 2005 and you're finally awake from your a coma," he replied.

He kissed my forehead and I closed my eyes. 2005. I was in the present?

I blinked again and Cirus looked at the doctor. "When will she able to be out of the hospital?" He asked.

"Oh, we have to run a couple tests and maybe a day or two she'll be ready to go home," the doctor replied with a friendly smile.

"Cirus?" I said.

"Yes? What is it?"

"Dragonis is a nice place...we should go back there."

Cirus raised an eyebrow at me and smiled. "Dreaming of a faraway land? That's good, at least you're dreaming about good things rather than bad things."

"Her vital signs are normal, she's as good as new," the doctor said with a frown.

"You sound a little disappointed, doc."

"Oh, I'm not. It's just...it takes at least a week for a patient to get well enough to have their signs back to normal. You have a very special wife there, Cirus."

Wife? I'm married to Cirus?

"Kids?" I murmered.

Cirus looked at me and smiled. "No kids, we've been married for a year, babe. Besides, we're not done unpacking in our new house. You've got to see it again, an old victorian from the 1800's. In great condition too!" He said.

"How old am I?"

"Twenty one."

"How old are you??"

"Twenty three."

I nodded against his chest and closed my eyes to rest.


The next time I opened my eyes I was in a machine and Cirus was holding a wheel. A car, I thought to myself, a transportation device.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Oh, you're awake. We're going home," Cirus replied.

The seat was very comfortable and I lounged in it. "Home," I repeated, I liked the sound of that.

He pulled into a drive and I looked out the window. It was a rather large house with beautiful flowers blooming. Cirus opened his door and walked around the car to help me out, supporting my weight by carrying me. He opened the door and entered a large room on the right, where a large sofa was set up. Cirus placed me there and smiled. "Is it nice or what?" He asked.

"I like it," I replied with a faint smile.

"We're not done unpacking everything, but we do have the furniture. I'll set up everything and once you're back to your old self you can rearrange it all."

He walked away and I felt the tug of emotions. Tears slid down my cheeks and I buried my face in my hands. Had I not taken Suji's hand, could I be back to where I felt more comfortable? In Eden.

Could I turn back the hands of time and try to live a normal life?

The one I had wanted to live. Did I want to live in that time?

With who?


Standing over his lifeless body, I felt it was more than a little sickening to be here where the body of a heartless killer lay.

"I'll be with you soon, my love," I murmered before closing my eyes.

Putting the blade between my hands, I thrust it through my ribcage and into my heart. Pain was a faint memory as I fell to the blood stained grass beside Seisuki.


Could I have been wrong about my destiny?

Why the hell am I here!?

"Let me out!!!" I screamed, half out of my mind.

"Naomi?! Hey, what's wrong!?" Cirus exclaimed as he rushed in.

The burning came to my stomach and time stopped around me. The pain was intense and I felt the tears stop because they vaporized before settling on my cheeks. Home, it was all that mattered. I wanted to be back in the past. To change everything for the best!


"Naomi! Wake up, damnit!"

I opened my eyes and Siesuki was knelt over me, his golden eyes glowing with some worry. I couldn't help myself, I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. Tears slid down my cheeks and Siesuki was motionless. I let him go and got to my feet to examine where I was. Siesuki's left eyebrow was twitching as he got to his feet. "What's gotten into you?" He asked.

I was back in Eden. The grass was still beautiful and the sky was clear without a single dark cloud. I turned around and rocked on the balls on my feet, a smile forming on my lips. "Nothing! Was I sleeping or something?"

"Y-yeah, you were sleeping and I found you here..."

I nodded and suddenly he smiled. "Were you having a dream again? About the past?"

"No, I wasn't. I had a dream of the future which wasn't meant to be."

Siesuki folded his arms across his chest. "Oh really? What was it about, hm?"

I laughed and spun around in a circle, knowing this was my place in time. Not with the golden dragon, not with Xaveran and not with my family. My future card was drawn with the king of hearts and I'd like to keep it how I want it to be, not how others want it. Confusing? Yeah, well, when you dream about your past and future rolling into each other..it can get pretty jumbled.

"Oh, you'll find out, Siesuki. Soon enough," I replied.

== The End == O_O;;; looks like a cliffhanger? THAT'S BECAUSE IT - isn't -. Yet, if you'd like a sequel, just say so ^_; I'd be happy to write one. ^_^; oh, and read Blood of Eden after this to get the whole story! Ja ne for now!