Raging hatred, burning fear,
Devil's children, prowling near.
Echoes in the dark of night,
Ebon wings are raised for flight.
Screaming won't drown out the sound,
It's now too late, your lover's bound.
The whips may lash and crack and split,
Bodies lie, dead weight, unfit.
Thunder calls, wind weeps and moans,
Earth rumbles soft, adjusting stones.
The land is old, it cradles all,
Helping heavy teardrops fall.
Midnight christens, pulling pain,
The Angels scream to go insane.
Golden gates stand thrashed, forlorn,
Feather clouds turn black to storm.
The Lord cries out, his plea cut short,
The Serpent found a perfect sport.
Songs of Heaven cease to play,
Lucifer just got his way.