I'm Not Your Little Girl Anymore

Every day a friendship' lost,
because of differences.
Be it religion, race, or even parents
everything must fit in.

There's this boy down the street,
the sweetest guy I know,
and my father forbids us together.
Maybe he thinks im a little ho.

Nothing's really happened,
and nothing ever will,
I beg and beg my dad to change,
but his racism stands still.

I just don't understand
why he chooses not to see
all the fucking hate he grew up with
and how he reflects it all on me.

Sweet memories are slowly drowned
in the anger and hate I find.
Every Christmas, Easter, Birthday ruined
by something he's said that made me die inside.

Every word out of his mouth
had a hint of superiority in it.
He thinks just cause he's white he's better.
I'm tired of his pedestal shit.

I know I'm only 14,
and you think you're my only friend,
but you need to see I can be trusted.
A Mexican boyfriend doesn't mean the worlds at an end.

You're practically trying to hide my from life,
and I don't see how you justify
how you hide me from the world,
and how every night I secretly cry.

You truly are a hateful person
I don't see how I love you so.
I don't see how you're everything I hate,
and I still cant force myself to go.

But one of these days,
I'm just gonna fucking snap,
and have a nervous breakdown
from all your stupid crap.

Yeah, One of these days I'm gonna leave you.
You're gonna miss me then, real bad.
And I'll probably miss you too
But then remember how you're so sad.

Sad as in pathetic
in your hateful and shitty ways.
I don't see WHY you tried to raise me like that.
You've made me cry too many days.

You know, superheros always
go through a good and bad fight.
They have to chose
whether to be wrong or right.

Well Daddy, you let the bad take over,
I don't know when or where.
But you use to be my superhero
full of love, full of care.

You've lost the almighty light
that you possessed years ago,
but I was young and oblivious
to the huge flaw you withhold.

I'm gonna live the way I want to,
And marry who I chose,
Have WHATEVER color child,
and make sure you lose.

You'll lose the twisted game
you began in eighty-eight.
You might as well stop trying,
I'm leaving, it's too late.

You're allowed to watch from afar,
my child learning to love
whatever the hell he wants
and believe in whatever god above.

You messed my life up bad,
but I want you to know this for
your own health and well being.
I'm not your little girl anymore.