By:Andrew Troy Keller

By the time he had reached the city of Hollywood,California,a wanna-be actor named John Masterson had gone to the CBS Studios at Television City and started looking for work.

However,about a couple of hours later,John was unable to find any type of acting job.

But even though he was suffering that type of setback,John was also unable to give up and had kept on looking for work.

Just then,while passing the studio where the hit game show,The Price Is Right was being taped on his way to an audition,John had suddenly bumped into someone walking out of the studio.

That someone was Dian Parkinson,one of 'Baker's Beauties' on the show--and one of his favorite daytime personalities.

After he had apologized to Dian and invited her to have lunch with him,she had looked at John's eyes for about a minute or two,let out a smile and said,"Yes,I would like to."

An hour later,at the studio commissary,both John and Dian had enjoyed a delicious afternoon,talked for a little bit and let out a laugh or two.

Just then,after they had finally finished their lunch,Dian had decided to return the favor by inviting John over to her place for a spell.

And then,since there weren't any acting jobs opened to him at that time,John had agreed and went with her out of Television City and to her beautifully furnished home.

After they had entered the house,Dian had gotten a camera out of a box,gave it to John and asked,"Would you do a photospread of me for my friends?"

And after he had agreed to do so,John had aimed the camera at an outside wall,while Dian was removing her clothes for the shoot,for it was for a magazine for men named Playboy.

After she had placed her nude body against the wall,John had started to shoot frame after frame of Dian,whose body was as beautiful as ever.

The photoshoot had continued in Dian's bedroom,in which she had laid down on the bed in nothing,but a fur coat.

And then,after they had discovered that John was unable to shoot anymore photos,Dian had held her hand out to him and said,"Come,my love.I await you."

After he had placed the camera on a table and removed all of his clothes,John had walked over to Dian,laid himself down next to her and kissed her ever so passionately on the lips.

Then,after he has licked Dian all over her nude body--and all the way down to the spot in-between her legs,she had closed her eyes and said,"Yessss,John!Touch me!Touch me there!Aaaahhhh!"

And while he was carressing her firm breasts,it had suddenly occured to them that they were experiencing the one thing that they were unable to do recently.

They were experiencing pure,untamed erotica--and enjoying every minute of it.

And then,after their little love romp has been compleated,Dian had placed her head on John's chest and said,"Please,John.Stay with me.I really don't want to be alone."

"I understand,Dian.Don't worry.",said John,while running his fingers through her hair."You won't be alone anymore."

And after they had kissed each other on the lips,the two newfound lovers had fallen asleep in their naked arms.

Ever since that day,a wanna-be actor named John Masterson had continued to keep his promise to a show-biz beauty named Dian Parkinson to never leave her alone.

That is true love--no matter how star-crossed it gets.