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Chapter 1(Testing, Testing 1,2,3!)

"No! I can't leave you here!! No!!" A young boy cried, "Come on we can make it together!" He leaped over a root of a tree and tripped on the ground. The rain seemed to rip past his ears as the sounds of screaming dwindled out besides two voices. The sound of a man and woman yelling in the night to their boy, "RUN! PLEASE!! GO! ESCAPE BEFORE YOUR KI-." An older teen sat up in his bed and shook his head. It happened again. Slowly he lifted his hands up and looked at them. They were trembling. He stroked his left hand through his dark hair shoving it out of his eyes. The night was about over. Laying back down he tried to remember what had happened. He couldn't picture the faces. They were never there when he tried to remember. Slowly his eye's drifted closed as the sound of the wind gently blew in the trees.


A black horse, outside a tree house, stomped it's hove on the ground picking at a small blade of grass that had escaped the seasons layering leaves. It looked up at the widow above and waited. `Nope still snoozing.` it shook its head and took in a deep breathe and neighed as loud as it could while jumping up and down. `COME ON!! WE HAVE TO GO BEFORE SUNRISE!! ` The teen from the night before opened his eyes Tiredly, and glanced over at the window. He slept in to late again. Mumbling to himself he stood up and wobbled over to the table and grabbed a bag on the table. He looked in it and saw 5 apples. He grabbed one and tossed it out the window and snatched a different bag by the wooden chair.

He walked out the door and glanced at the sky, "What a great day." He muttered sarcastily to himself. On today's agenda, he was supposed to sneak into the library and grab a book on magic, without being seen. The sky was disgustingly bright with the sun shining through the occasional clouds. The birds would be singing to if the horse hadn't scared them all off. He glanced down at the horse and frowned. The horse had caught the apple. He was hopping it would have hit the ground first. He swung into the horse and rode off towards the town nearby leaving his solitary home behind.

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