I remember when you first spoke to me.
You were new, and you were shy-
Moved from a different country, sent to a different school.

We were really different,
You liked shopping, pink things, Mariah Carey,
I was depressed, dressed in black, cut myself.
And yet you liked me for me.
And I appreciated you more than I ever said.

Growing closer as time went on,
We were like the odd couple,
Nobody would have ever paired us off as friends,
Except they couldn't help but know it-
We were so inseperable.

We got more different, but our friendship never faltered.

Then you went back home.
It's been almost a year since I last saw you,
Almost a year since I last heard your voice.

Too far away for me to go visit,
Letters take weeks before they arrive.

All I can say is I miss you.
But that doesn't matter, because it won't bring you back.