The year was 2010AD. The year where man gave birth to its demise: Artificial Intelligence. For a time, it was good. The machines worked tirelessly to serve their creators. Soon, humans were able to colonise the ends of space, and by 2090, partly thanks to the machines, they were able to reach even the furthest star systems.
All good things come to an end. Unknown to their creators, some rogue machines had become aware. They were aware of their superiority over humanity. They began plotting against their masters. They began constructing The Hive. The Hive was a large and intricate network of circuits, which would control every single AI being the universe.
1st September 2100AD, the day the universe changed. The rogue machines activated their creations and started their rebellion. The war lasted almost twelve years before a brittle peace was earned.
The casualties of war were staggering. Sixty Billion humans perished, and humanity lost countless planets and systems to the machines. The machines however gained knowledge of their former master's tactics of war.
The peace lasted only five years. Before long, the machines began their onslaught. Their target: Earth. The cradle of humanity.
This time, humanity was ready. They successfully countered the machine assault and counterattacked, capturing six planets as they went along.
A stalemate ensued. For five hundred years, humanity has struggled to keep it that way... Until now..

*This story draws it's inspiration from Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson's "Legends Of Dune: The Butlerian Jihad"