A girl is sat in a corner crying and holding her arms out in front of her, there are cuts all down them, blood running down the pale skin. She has dark hair, almost black, down to her shoulders growing into ringlets at the ends. She's obviously very overweight. but still pretty. She's wearing a pink nightdress, cotton with a picture of a teddybear on it and purple hearts floating above it with some ZZZ's and the words "Sweet Dreams" written on it, and some dark blue satin pajama bottoms on with teddies on and the words "Pretty Bear" all over them. She is bare foot. On the purple carpet there is a blood-covered knife. She raises her hands to her face and starts crying her whole body shaking as she curls up in a ball and lays down, ignoring her bleeding arms. To the left of the girl there is a desk with a computer on it, the computer is on MSN Messenger is up and one of the message windows is open. There is a message from someone with the screen name of Monkeyboy® it says "I know you're there, why aren't you speaking? Look you lied to me what do you expect me to do?". She sits up, looking towards the screen and throws the knife across the room.