I Really Care

You fill a room with brighter light than you would ever know

My shining knight of clouded sight. Why would you need to go?

You built my hope; you built my strength and my tranquility

The tangled rope of slipping hope would take you far from me

Sweet, stupid fool, you took your pain and hid it deep inside

It's nothing new to break the rules and be a suicide

I live with pain, I see you falling to that great abyss

There is a life, a sacred life, oh so much more than this

You are the light in my darkness

You are the strength in my weakness

You are the joy in my sadness

You are the strength in my weakness

What fool am I that I would love someone who brings me pain?

But given chance I'd follow heart and seek you out again

The days of light are worth the darkest depths of our despair

How can I show you, really show you, just how much I care?