No one understands you, now, do they, babe? No one sees the you that's real, way down deep inside. You could have the love you need so easily-- if you'd just give up your foolish pride and let me in.

Because I know you... I know your pain. I know your hopes and your dreams. I know the deep and the dark of your soul. I know you're not what your seem and I want you.

People gonna tell you what you want is wrong, try to make and mold you into what they think they need. Cut you with their scorn if you dare to break away. Beat you with their guilt till your soul is bruised and bleeding, but...

I know your pain. I know your needs and desires, they're like mine. Walk with me now through the fire to a place where love can be free. Let go the world and give in to me. You know you want to give in to me. You're gonna have to give in to me.