Dark Nights

Chapter One - Evil Appears

Far away, outside the village Karpa, in the northern mountain region, a young boy walked along a mountain path. He had short blonde hair and wide blue eyes. He was wearing a green tunic, which was common among most boys in the village and was carrying two empty wooden pales. He hummed happily as he casually strolled down the path he had been down many times before. He was getting some water for his family's restraunt, where his mother was a well known cook. As he continued on his way to the lake he could hear distant footsteps rapidly getting closer and closer. "hm?" he stopped and turned around. In the distance he saw a very familiar face. It was his best friend Dyne.

"HEEEYYY~!! RYO~!!! WAIT UUUPPP" the boy called out as he ran up to where Ryo was. Dyne had spikey brown hair and a serious yet kind face, much like his fathers. After a few moments he finally arrived, breathing heavily. "why.didn't.you...wait.for me...?" he asked, huffing between words, "you knew I was bored." A giant anime style sweatdrop fell down Ryo's forehead. "heh, sorry.my mom needed the water as soon as possible.there were lots of customers and she was beginning to run low." He turned and began walking again towards the lake. "that's no excuse!" said Dyne, "if you needed the water that quickly, then you should've came to me! After all..i am the fastest in all of Karpa!" he stated proudly. Ryo just smiled "er..yea.guess I forgot."

The two boys continued down the path and finally came to a small fresh water lake. There was a giant oak tree Ryo and his friends used to hang out at by there almost every day. "hm?" Around the corner of the tree Ryo saw something move. He went around it to the other side and saw a girl there wearing a long white dress with red designs on it. She was reading a book, studying it carefully. Ryo crept up quietly and suddenly yelled out "HIYA LIENNA!!" Lienna was so into the book she didn't even notice him come up, and jumped up when he yelled. "waah!". Why'd ya do that??" she asked him angirly. She whacked him playfully over the head with her book. "oww." Ryo rubbed his head. "heh.serves you right.you should know better than to sneak up on Lienna by now." said Dyne smiling. "So what are you reading anywayz?" he asked Lienna. "this? Oh its just an old book I found in the church. It looks like a collection of healing magic spells." she said. "magic? You do know not just anyone can use it nowadays.right?" pointed out Ryo. "I know I know.but I want to at least try.just in case I am one of those few who can use it." she said, ".but anywayz.why are you here?"

Ryo actually had to think for a moment. "oh! That's right! I needed to get some water for the restruant" he went over to the lake and dipped the pale in. The water felt cold around his hands and Dyne shivered a bit. He pulled the first pale out, filled with water and then dipped the second one in. After both pales were full he started to head back towards the village. "wait up! I'll come with you." Lienna said happily. Dyne followed as well.

As they were walking down the path, the sky grew darker.and the air felt colder. "is it that late already.?" asked Dyne. "I don't think so.last time I checked I think it was only around three or four." replied Lienna. Suddenly the three children heard cries and screams coming from the village. "what was that?!?" asked Ryo startled. They looked over to the village and could see black smoke coming from it. It wasn't long before the whole town burst out into flames. "oh no! the village!" Ryo dropped the pales of water and ran as fast as he could back to the village. "Ryo wait!" Dyne began to take off after his friend but stopped and turned around. He saw Lienna sink to the ground. Her face was beginning to look pale and you could easily see that she was frightened ".no..this can't be happening." she said with tears in her eyes. "Lienna." Dyne went over to her to help her back up.

Meanwhile Ryo rushed back into town. At the city gates, he could see many corpses scattered about. Blood stained the ground as bodies layed there with swords and spears sticking out of them. "wh-what happened hear.??" said Ryo in horror. As he walked further into town, he heard someone groaning. He rushed over the the city square and saw a man covered in blood, barely alive. The man was trying to climb up the water fountain to get back on his feet. He turned the body over and tears filled his eyes. "FATHER!! What happened to you? Hold on! I'll get the priest, he can heal you!"

His father could barely move "R-Ryo.is that you.? What are you doing here.? Don't bother..getting the priest.he's already dead." he coughed up some blood. "..i-is your mother..ok.?" he asked. "I-I don't know.I just got back." his father coughed again. "Ryo.take this.take this sword, get your mother and run.run as far as you can.we..we just simply can't beat these guys." Ryo's father, who was still clutching on to his sword, let go if it and gave it to his son. "Ryo.I've done many things in my life.but..you.you were my greatest accomplishment.I've always been so proud." It looked as if he wanted to say much more.but his eyes went blank and he fell lifelessly to the ground. Ryo sobbed even more "no.father.FATHER!!!"

With tears still in his eyes and sorrow in his heart, Ryo rose up to his feet, holding his fathers sword. "I swear.I'll find who did this.and I'll avenge you." he then quickly ran off down a nearby alley, taking as many shortcuts as he could, making his way past houses to the restruants to find his mother. 'please be ok.please be ok.' the thought to himself over and over as he ran. He could feel the intense heat as he passed by the many burning houses. He finally came up the the restruant and burst through the door. He felt cold and sick, as his face became pale. Everyone in the restraunt had been slaughtered.including his mother. He fell down and began to cry. "no.NOOOO!!!!" everything.his home.his family.everything had been taken away from him.

After a few minutes, he began to get a hold of himself once again. He got up and went to leave as his father told him to before his death. But as he turned around to walk, he was quickly surrouned by several soldiers. Not men.but orcs. "wh-what the hell is this.?" he asked in shock.. The orcs advanced on him a bit but stopped. There was heavy footsteps slowly coming towards them. As the steel boot of this new figures armor stepped closer, Ryo finally saw him. He was heavily armored and wearing a black cape stained in blood. He looked down at Ryo with a cold, emotionless face. "so.a young boy survived huh? It really is pointless.but there are to be no survivors." As the figure got closer, he aslo appeared bigger, towering 8 feet high "y-you! You did this?! Who the hell are you??" Ryo demanded. ".I guess it won't hurt if you take my name with you to hell.I am akuryou boy.tell the devil to save a spot for me." he lifted a broad sword over Ryo's head and got read to strike down, but just as he did another man quickly got in front of Ryo and blocked it with his sword. The man looked old..but strong..and he was wearing a holy knights armor. After blocking the attack, he easily took out the surrounding orcs with little effort. Akuryou stood there watching. "you again.? Why don't you just die already??" he attacked the holy knight, but was blocked again. "quick! Get out of here boy!" the knight yelled at Ryo. Ryo nodded and ran as fast as he could.

He didn't know where he was running.he just simply ran. Behind him he could hear steel clash as the battle raged on. He ran past houses he had ran past before, back through the town square, back through the town gates. He ran up the mountain path he had came down from but then slowed down and stopped. He stopped where Lienna and Dyne were before. They were no longer there.instead, Dyne only saw blood. It stained the ground and part of a giant boulder off to the side of the path. "no.Lienna.Dyne.not you too." More tears fell down Ryo's cheeks. As he stood there in sorrow, he didn't notice the orc creep up behind him. The orc lifted a large club and hit Ryo over the head as hard as it could. Ryo, in shock, couldn't even yell out. He fell to the ground and landed straight on his face. He saw his own blood pour out.and then everything went completely blank, fading away into nothing.