Chapter 3 - Training

"wh-what?? Training? Fighting??" Ryo was in shock. He didn't want to fight.not after he'd just experience the results of battle personally.and he especially didn't want to fight a behemoth like Garret. "what if I refuse?" he said sort of coldly. "well.then its not my problem.but don't think that's going to stop me!" garret replied.

"And now, your first lesson! Opportunity waits for no one! If your not ready, you die!" Garret leapt forward, swinging his giant broad sword in the air ready to strike down upon Ryo. Ryo quickly dodged by rolling to the side, still unarmed, as the sword came towering down, completely demolishing the stone ground beneath it. "holy crap! Your serious!" Ryo looked for an escape, but quickly found out he was completely surrounded by the soldiers who had come to watch the fight. Garret didn't say anything, but instead heaved his sword at ryo again, this time from the side. Ryo jumped back and just barely missed the end of the end of the blade as it slashed his tunic. "Lesson two, you can't win battles by running!" garret said raising his sword once more.

As much as he hated to admit it, he was right. Ryo realised there was no other way out of this other than to fight. He quickly dashed towards the weapons the guard had threw down earlier and picked up the sword, knowing he wouldn't have enough time to equip the armor. Garret swung his massive sword again, and this time, instead of just dodging, Ryo dodged the blade and moved in for his attack, swinging his own sword at Garrets chest with incredible speed. "what?!" Garret used one of his hands to raise a dagger from his belt, but wasn't quick enough as the sword slashed into his flesh. It was by no means anywhere a deep wound, but still damage none the less. The gaurds began to murmer, all surprised that the highest ranking knight in all of Lydoria got struck by a mere boy.

Garret just simply ignored the would and held his sword up once again. "so the boy does have some fight in him." he said rather impressed. "did you see that?" one guard said. "such speed." another guard replied in shock. Ryo could feel the fury raise inside of him. If this guy wanted a fight, he was going to get one. "..however..don't get cocky!" Garret changed his stance slightly, then charged at Ryo.each thundering step shaking the ground. He thrusted his giant sword straight at Ryo with incredible force. Ryo leapt up into the air as the blade went underneath him and stabbed into the ground, cracking the pavement all the way to the wall in the far distance. Ryo landed on the blade itself and ran up it, ready to slash Garret in the face. Exercise or not, He was serious.

Ryo raised his sword in the air, ready to slash down on the stunned holy knight, when suddenly the was a loud thud and the moan of a guard. Then several more noises and more gaurds went down. Both Ryo and Garret stopped and turned to see with all the other gaurds what was going on. "the hell.who dare attack Lydoria castle!" garret yelled out as ryo jumped down from his blade. A tall shadowy figure stepped forward into the light. "playing with boys now I pathetic." said the man. He was a built man wearing no armor, but very heavy looking dark clothing and a long scarf covered half his face and draped down to just below his knees. "'s you." garret said, with slight annoyance in his voice. "what do you want Kurai?" he asked. "I have business with your king on behalf of Baronia" Kurai replied. "where's your kings seal?" Garret demanded. "well known or not, I won't allow you to see the king without it" he said getting into a fighting stance. "hmph! You would dare fight me? You truly are pathetic old man."

Kurai walked cassualy forward towards both Garret and and Ryo. "you cocky lil." Garret raised his sword to strike down with enormous might but never came down. He stood there frozen.Kurai already walking behind him. Slowly, garret fell to his knees and dropped the sword.his armor fell off, all cut up, and blood fell from fresh wounds. Nothing life threatening, but enough to stop the powerful knight. "wh-what the hell is he??? I didn't even see him attack." one guard said completely amazed.

Ryo was burning in anger. One thing he could never put up with was those who had too much arrogance. He felt they never deserved the power with such an attitude. Gripping his sword he charged and stood in front of the seemingly unwanted guest, holding his sword in a battle stance. "hm? Whats this.?" kurai asked. "you want to suffer the same fate as the old man? Boy or not, I don't hold back." he said. Ryo didn't care, just glared right into the mans eyes and uttered two cold, fierce words. "bring it."

Kurai just laughed. "hahaha very well then, I admire your courage.hmm.or perhaps its just mere stupidity." with lightening quick speed, kurai grabbed his blade and swung incredibly fast at Ryo. Ryo quickly raised his own sword just as quickly and blocked the blow.

Everyone, including Garret, stared amazed. Even Kurai was shocked. " blocked my attack.that hasn't happened in 10 years." he said, still shocked. He soon regained his composure and smiled. "you amuse me boy.someday when your older.we shall fight again." Ryo was burning with fury, in a state of a battle high. "why not fight now.afraid.?" he said angrily. Kurai just continued to smile.then with another lightening quick blow he slashed again, only this time as ryo blocked it, he spun around and quickly knocked him out with a blow to the head from his fist. Ryo fell down unconscious.

Ryo walked past his body and threw out a piece of paper, letting it fall, swaying in the wind, to the ground. "there's your precious seal." and entered the castle. No guard dared follow him.

The next day Ryo woke up from unconsciousness. His head was pounding. He looked around and appeared to be in a room inside the castle. Garret walked in, slightly limping from his wounds. He was carrying a tray containing some bread, cheese and water. " need your strength" he said. But Ryo didn't even look at the food. He simply looked into Garrets eyes and told him, "I want to train.teach me how to fight." Garret nodded, with a slight smile on his face. "I am getting old.I can't fight the way I used to.that's why I've been looking for a pupil.I can see lots of potential in you.I want to pass my fighting technique will learn to be the worlds greatest fighter." he said, "now eat cannot train on an empty stomach." Ryo nodded and ate the bread and cheese, gulping the water down as Garret left the room. "I will become the greatest fighter known to man.then destroy the man who took everything away from me." he said determined to himself, ".I swear it on the graves of my parents and my village."