The Ashes of My Past
December 1, 2000

As I stood in the ashes,
Of a past full of sin,
My eyes saw my Saviour,
Waiting for me.
He had stood there meekly,
Calling my name,
Yet I in my sin,
His cry would not heed.
Still quietly calling,
He waits for me still,
And now full of sorrow,
I follow His will.
He wipes my eyes clear,
And forgives all my sin,
While filling my heart full,
Of His love and joy.
From now I will follow,
His quiet, soft plea,
And rest in the arms,
Of Jesus my friend.

He's standing there calling,
Calling for you,
To come seek His love,
And forgiveness divine.
You must only answer,
"Yes, Lord, I will";
And He shall come quickly,
Perfecting in you,
His will for His people,
And His will for you.