November 24, 2002

In Memory of Glenn Mavroff
died, November 24, 2002

I walked through the door
With a heart full of joy,
But the look on your face,
Froze me in my place...

The news that you bore,
It tore my feet off the floor;
My heart filled with pain--
and loss...

That look on your face,
And the news that you bore;
Knocked me out of my place,
I landed flat on the floor!

The joy turned to tears --
I said God No! It can't be,
There's no way to bare,
This sorrow...

I can only find hope,
In the words of God;
They're my way to cope,
With this deepest loss...

My friend had faith,
Had his heart right with God;
And I know that our paths,
The same ground will trod.

I'll see him once more;
Of that I am sure.
But the pain I have now...
God and time hold the cure.