Chapter One- Plans


"Get a hold of yourself, Aeonya!" I thought to myself harshly. "It's not a big deal! He's just sitting next to you for the rest of the year!" I had to hold in my squeals. Mrs. Fliocra, my double chemistry teacher ((A/N: you know, where you have two periods of it together, instead of just one o.O)) had just sat my long-term crush/best friend, Roruki Kasanuke, next to me. And the great news was: these seats would be permanent! And even better–there was no one sitting on the other side of me! I could hardly keep from standing on top of my desk and screaming for joy while jumping up and down. But then, what would my precious Ro-Ro think of that? That kept me bolted down.

"Hey, Aeon?" Upon hearing my nickname, I snap out of my trance and look up at Rokuri.

"Hmm?" I questioned, not being able to hold back my smile. I'd known him for years, but he was still so sweet.

"Could I borrow a pencil, please?" he said, smiling.

"Oh, sure, Roruki!" I replied cheerfully, searching through my pencil case for a sharpened, not chewed on one. I found one, and handed it to him.

"Aeon, what did I say about calling me that?" he started, still smiling that wonderful smile of his.

"Oi, sorry, Ruki!" I exclaimed.

"It's alright.." he said unsteadily. "Thanks for the pencil!"

"No problem, anytime, Rukeh!" I squealed.

"You're so weird, Onya." He said, chuckling.

"I know.. But that's what you love about me, right?" I said cheekily.

"Of course, Aeon, of course." He replied.

I sighed dreamily and turned to try and listen to the wonders of chem lab, but I kept getting distracted by the wonderful guy beside me.

Roruki Kasanuke ((that rhymes XD Sorta o.O)) was one of the very few Asian students, me included, who went to Fieldcrest High. It was mostly Caucasians and Mexicans, but that was fine. Rokuri and I were sophomores, and I had liked him since seventh grade. He never knew it of course; no one did. See, I don't really have very many friends, and the ones I do have, I wouldn't tell my secrets to. They're more like acquaintances, and, to tell you the truth, I'd rather be alone most of the time. I usually am. But, yeah. Rokuri was really, really cute ((^_^)). In my opinion, at least. He had jet-black hair, soft brown eyes, and the best smile. He wasn't really athletic (unlike me), but was really into his studies. He got the top grades every year, with me trailing close behind. He'd been one of my closest friends for four long years.

I suppose I should tell you about me, ne? My name's Aeonya Hatakoshii, and I am 16 years old. My father abandoned me when I was five, and my mother's in a mental institute, so I'm living with my crazed aunt with my older sister and two cousins. My aunt is rich, and her mansion is HUGE. I mean huge- everyone has their own room, even the cats. She's less strict than my mom was, at least letting me go out with friends, but only in groups. Which is great; my mother, Imayu Hatakoshii, would never let me out of the house except for school. Um I have black hair with bright red streaks that goes a little past my shoulders that I always put in a ponytail with strands left down towards the front. I have mysterious black eyes.. I'm fairly skinny, but have lots of muscle because of soccer and basketball, my favorite sports. I'm 5'7", taking after my dad, who wasn't Japanese like my mom.

I was born here, in slow Visella, California, but after my dad left, my mom moved me and my sister, Leila, to fast-paced Tokyo. My dad's name was George Kander, but after he left, my mom changed her name back to Hatakoshii (for which I'm glad). When I turned 13 and Leila was 10, we moved back here to Visella. Well, that's pretty much my life story, now back to class.

I snuck another glance towards Roruki, but unfortunately, he was already looking at me. He was blushing and bowing his head down, seemingly ashamed, when the door opened. Of course, whenever the door opens, everyone turns to look, and this class was no exception. I was startled at the guy who walked in coolly. He was hot. And not like, Rokuri cyoot-ness, I mean HOT. He was Japanese too, as far as I could tell, but he didn't look like Rokuri except for his black hair.

He had three piercings: one on his left ear, one on his lip, and one on his right eyebrow. His hair was spiked up, but down towards the front, covering his bright green eyes. Oo. I loooved guys with piercings and dark hair with green eyes ((*_*)) Not that I'm saying I'd rather have him than Rokuri, noo! I just love a cute J-Rocker type! I mean, this new guy is probably an arrogant jerk, not like my cute-y bunny! Just because he totally looked like my dream guy didn't mean anything

"Class" Mrs. Fliocra said, interrupting the whispers going on about the mysterious stranger, "Meet our new student, Kaoruu Manasori!"


I already didn't like this kid. Just look at how Aeonya's just gawking at him! Now I'll never have a chance with her I've liked her ever since she moved here in seventh grade. Damnit.

Why, for once, couldn't *I* get the girl? Aeonya was perhaps the most beautiful girl I'd ever lain eyes on. And she also had brains, athleticism, and she was sweet, smart, funny She was p-e-r-f-e-c-t, and now this stupid new guy, Koharuu, was it? Korauu? Oh, whatever. I'll stick to Manasori. He is now my sworn enemy. Aeonya will be mine.

Why did I have to fall for one of my closest friends? Why couldn't it have been someone I could actually have a chance with? Or, at least, why couldn't I have been handsome, so I could at least catch Aeonya's eye?


The stupid twit of a woman who practically swooned over me sat me next to a very attractive-looking girl. It had to be her. Black hair with red streaks pulled into a ponytail, black eyes ((x_X Like the color of her eyes, not like she got punched XD)), and a charming smile? It had to be. She looked exactly like the picture. This one would be a piece of cake. I mean, really, her eyes totally widened up as I walked into the class, and she was practically drooling.

Which was natural. I took this form because I had searched to find out what her total dream guy would look like, and, well This was it. Yes, this would be so simple.

Even that dumb-looking boy next to her couldn't make me change my mind. Yes, he looked jealous, but, damn, could you get any geekier? Glasses and all, psh! He wouldn't be any competition. So, as soon as I sat down, I turned on my natural charm.

She seemed to have lost interest in me quickly, because she was writing furiously on some sheet of paper. I tapped her on the shoulder, hoping to get her attention. She moved her head slightly and quirked a brow. "Yeah?" she asked.

"May I ask your name, gorgeous?" I said slyly, giving her a wink.

She just rolled her eyes and gave a little snorting sound. She turned back to her paper after mumbling out "Aeonya."

Yep. It was her all right. Aeonya Hatakoshii, if I'm not mistaken. Well, it's not like Aeonya is the most common name. Neither are black eyes. I quickly swept over her clothing. All black. Good. It would make my turning her to the darkness all the more easier.

I had to charm her first, of course. "So, Aeonya That's a beautiful name, you know."

"Yeah, whatever." She replied and turned to the boy next to her and started talking animatedly. Damnit. Maybe this would be a tad hard. But nothing I can't handle. Kaoruu never backs down!

I glared hard at the other boy, and he glared right back. "Ruki?" I heard her say, "You okay?"

"Yeah, Aeon I'm fine." He replied, grinning down at her softly. "Hey. Manasori, was it?"

"Hmm?" I said, raising an elegant eyebrow.

"Care to join us for lunch? I'm sure we'd love to have you grace our company, right, Aeon?" he said smugly.

"Why, that would be lovely." I replied, flashing a toothy smile to Aeonya.


Hmm. I didn't know what to think of this Kaoruu kid. He insisted that I call him Kao, which, I guess, I will.. Ruki and him always seem to be glaring at one another, I wonder why? Oh well. He seems nice enough, but maybe just a tad cheerful for someone who looks so Goth'-y. Though I look it too. Ruki doesn't.. he doesn't really have his little label. He fits in wherever, which is nice, but, I dunno. People always question him being my friend.. But he always tells them to fuck off, so it's okay! ^_^.

Anyway, back to lunch. We sat outside, in my spot, underneath the trees. It was really quite pleasant. Kao was really sweet and funny! I don't think I've ever seen Ruki so angry at someone before, though. "What's with you guys, anyway?" I finally asked.

"Nothing whatsoever, Aeo." Kao said, smiling a cute smile. He had a nice smile, yep. And he had taken to calling me Aeo'. Which was fine, I guess


My god this girl was dense. She didn't even know when a guy was flirting with her! She seemed really attached to that Ruki kid Wait.. Were they boyfriend and girlfriend? I thought she was single! Last time I checked, she was I decided to voice my question, and when I asked, I got two reactions. Ruki turned a deep scarlet and Aeo turned slightly pink and laughed her head off. "Nope, just friends!" she said.

Oh, good. Phew. Though I didn't think she'd go out with someone that dorky, anyway. Though I could've sworn I heard the kid mutter yet' under his breath Oh well. She'd be mine, soon. And I would be the King of Darkness, with her by my side, as Queen. She could fit the image well enough. I just needed to get her on my side, first.




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