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Chapter Ten- Doubts



I opened my mouth slowly to yawn, not opening my eyes. I was too comfortable to do anything, so I just lay on my bed and nuzzled into the mattress. I smiled a little, but suddenly froze.

Since when do mattresses move?

I snapped my eyes open and looked up, my hair somewhat obscuring my eyes and saw a face smiling down at me. It was Kao.

What was he doing here?! Oh Last night.. Yes. I hadn't expected him to come, let alone stay to make sure I was all right.. And he was genuinely smiling. Usually he'd smirk or something, but he was smiling at me, almost as if he cared.. But no. He didn't, and I could never think that. He's just trying to play mind games with me. I'm just a tool, he's only using me.

"Aeon.." he said softly, brushing the hair out of my eyes. "I think I should tell you something."

I looked up at him, silently questioning.

He bit his lower lip and hesitated for a moment, and then swiftly brought his lips to meet mine.

I must admit, even if he is using me He's a damn good actor.


Looking out at the peaceful circle of trees around me, I began to let my mind wander. Dante.

That kiss, had it meant anything to him? I had.. never been kissed before. Well, really, who could ever kiss someone with a dog snout like me? But he did.. I smiled softly. But what if it was only a ploy to shut me up? He was probably only caught up in the moment, I know for a fact he hasn't dated in a while. Yeah, that's it. I was just a way he could vent out his passion.

Did I mind?

No.. No, I don't think I did. If I was just his plaything I suppose it's better than never feeling like this at all.

I will only get hurt in the end, but that's always what happens. Every person I've loved has only gone away, or never returned it, or died.. I looked down at my feet and kicked a rock.

Why must everything be so complicated? It was only a kiss. I'm sure that's all it was to him. Should I ask him how he felt about it? Should I tell him my harboring feelings? Would I lose him if I did?

I sat down on a mossy boulder and sighed. He always made the first move. I was just so shy and submissive. I couldn't help it, I am pretty much a dog, after all But I'm loyal, and Dante knows it.

He must think that no matter what he does, I'll come back, begging for another treat.

My body involuntarily trembled, and the first of many tears slipped down my cheek, leaving a slick trail before splattering onto the dirt ground. I looked up at the cloudy sky, sobbing.

And he'd be right.


I glared silently at the looming castle. Kao- he would pay. He would pay dearly for taking my beautiful Aeon away. She was all I had. My only beacon of hope in this dreary, clouded life. My only star in the black of night.

She never returned my feelings, and I know it. But.. I need her. That's so selfish of me. She should go to whoever she loves, I can't keep her locked up like some animal. It doesn't matter what I need. I'll do anything for her, even if I have to let her go.

Would she appreciate that? Would she give me one last hug, saying, 'Thank you, Ruki.."? It would be better than nothing. And if I lose her to Kao, or anyone else, it will only be myself to blame. I could've done better, tried harder at things. Like sports.. If we had had that in common, would she have seen me in a different light? Or is it my personality? Is it too bland? My looks? I'm not handsome, everyone knows that..

But Kao is. I knew she thought he was. He was everything she wanted, wasn't he? She deserved someone like him.

If I came barging in to save her.. Would she sneer at me and tell me to get the Hell out? And kiss Kao passionately in front of me to rub it in? No.. She wasn't like that.. But ao could've changed her..

I shook my head. These thoughts were getting out of hand. We'd continue on our mission and see what happened. We've come too far to back out. If only the guy we found would wake up. I needed to find out which tower she was in. There were so many.. He could probably take us there. I hope.


What am I doing?!

I broke away from Aeon, shock painted all over her face. My eyes widened, and I struggled for words. "I Ae.. I.. You--" I bit my lip, and stared at her for a few moments before dashing out of the room.

What had I done? I let my emotions get out of hand. This had never happened before. I had perfect control over my emotions. I never show hate, anger, fear, pain, sadness


I've never had to deal with love. Wait, love? This-This wasn't love, was it? No, of course not. But how do you know? I'd never been in love before, could I possibly love her? Her, of all people? The girl I can't have. I chuckled softly to myself. Well, that's how it always happens, right? I'm a walking cliché.

If I did love her.. Her happiness must come before my own. I'll let her go, decide who she wants to be with. And.. It won't be me.

It will be the first time I'll ever lose, but hey. We all have to lose eventually I suppose this is my time.

I'm such a sappy idiot.

========Magical Third Person-Ness! o_O========

Dante walked through the lush forest, clearing his mind. He thought it was so beautiful, he never was in nature too much. The babbling creek beside him lapped up against the moss-covered ground. He stopped to smile at the serenity and peacefulness that surrounded him, when he heard the unmistakable sound of someone crying. He ran to the direction he thought it was coming from, and inhaled sharply.

Damien's ears pricked up, and he was alert that there was someone behind him. He desperately tried to wipe the tears from his eyes before he turned around. When he saw who it was, he lost control over himself and started sobbing all over again, collapsing onto the cold, hard ground.


What was I supposed to do? I ran to my best friend, embracing him, letting him cry on my shoulder. I stroked his back silently, and vowed to myself that he would never cry again. Each tear that he shed broke my heart. I couldn't stand to see him like this. Where was my happy-go-lucky Damien? I knew that it took a lot to make him cry. What was wrong?

His sobs finally disintegrated until they were mere sniffles, and I pushed him back a little so I could look at him.

His golden eyes were puffy and rimmed with red, his hair was tangled and dirty, and his face held a chilling sadness that struck my heart terribly. I wiped a stray tear from his face and brought him back to rest on my shoulder. "What's wrong?" I whispered.

He didn't answer, just clutched onto my shirt like he was afraid I'd leave him. I continued stroking his back, whispering assurances into a delicate ear. I would never leave him.


[[[[[Bonus scary thing that you shouldn't read!! O_o;; I'm in a weeeird mood, so you don't need to read this. ._. In fact, please don't. XD]]]]]


I banged my head against a metal door. WHERE AM I?! The last thing I remember was some crazy girl smacking me over the head with a stick God damnit.

"I'm loossingg aaaiiiirrrrr!!!"

It sure is hard to move in here.



Is that a sandwich?





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