The rain trickled down the windows, tapping noisily against the car roof. My eyes searched the road through the rain, making sure I wasn't driving off the side. The rain was so dense, I could barely see the next car in front of me. Kat was asleep in the back seat. Dana was awake sitting next to me in the passenger seat.
"I wonder if this rain will let up soon." Dana wondered.
"I don't think it will, we still got about 30 miles or so to drive." I told her while keeping my gaze on the road. Kat, Dana and I had all pitched in our life savings to buy an old castle-like mansion in Hancock, Michigan. Since we had all finished college, we had decided we would live together and help each other out in life. Ever since we were kids, and ever since I had moved to Missouri from Michigan in 6th grade, I always told them about the wonders of Michigan. In 7th grade, we all made plans. When we got older, we would all travel to Michigan together. We never knew it would actually happen, but it did. Here I was driving back to my childhood home with my closest friends. I was going home.
"Do you think the mansion will be as rich and beautiful as we expect?" Dana asked me, breaking me out of my train of thoughts.
"Well, we can't really know for sure until we see it, but I'm sure it will be a great mansion to live in since it's built on the shore of Lake Superior." I smiled.
"What do you think it will look like?" Dana asked as she stared out the rain-stained window.
"Well, it will probably be made out of brick, so it can withstand the hard, cold winters and harsh storms of the summer. And there will be white- framed windows on every floor, letting in gallons of sunlight. There will be a large, walk-out, wooden deck that overlooks Lake Superior with no tall, annoying trees standing in the way of the red and purple sunrises and sunsets." I described, while staring straight ahead onto the misty highway.

"Damn girl, I didn't ask for a long description, but I guess that was ok." She laughed. I started to snort and I broke into tear-jerking laughter. She gave me a disturbed glance and I kept on laughing. Finally, I managed to sputter out words.
"I got that description from the house ad, but I just added a few juicy descriptive words to make you believe I made it up." I laughed. My hand accidentally hit the horn and rested there. The horn screeched and Kat immediately woke up.
"What, what happened?" She asked in a sleepy voice as she rubbed her eyes. Dana and I threw our heads back in laughter.
About an hour later, we were all wide awake, watching the boring traffic pass by.
"Hey, how 'bout we play the alphabet game?" Kat asked. I glanced at Dana who made a disgusted face and glanced back at Kat who happily smiled.
"How 'bout not?" I smiled back at her. She nodded and continued to look out the car window. I kept looking at the car radio, wishing I could just reach down and turn on the music. Wait a minute, I could turn on the radio, what was I thinking?
"I'm sorry, but I'm gonna go crazy if I don't listen to music, my parents thought I was obsessed with music, but it's more than an obsession." I laughed as I switched on the radio. We bobbed our heads to the beat of a new Eminem song as we sung the words fluently as if they were our own.
"I don't give you pity and lie and say your pretty, I just spit out the truth whether it's nice or shitty." We sang as we bobbed our heads, laughing at the same time.
Finally, we had arrived at the mansion. It was even more beautiful up close.
"Wow, kinda creepy, dontcha think?" I laughed as I peered at Dana and Kat's faces. I laughed and we all got out of the car. There were green vines inching their finger-like branches around the doorway and up towards the roof of the house. The door was made out of a thick oak wood with an old, iron knocker in the shape of a bat's head with its teeth clinging onto the iron ring.
"Whoa, creepy knocker." Dana said as she felt her fingers around the iron bat's teeth.
"Dana, don't do that, it could end up being like all those horror movies and that iron bat could come to life and bite your finger off." I laughed. Kat snorted as she tried to laugh as if the idea was totally ridiculous. But by the look of the house, it sure didn't seem like a ridiculous idea at all.