"Here it goes." I said as I tightly gripped my fingers around the handle and turned. I kept my eyes closed, but I felt a whoosh of air flow through my hair and tickle the surface of my skin. It felt as if I was flying and I was terrified to open my eyes. I gulped and thought it was now or never. I looked down and all I saw was the night sky. I felt hard surface below my feet, but I saw nothing but air. I stomped my foot hard, making sure it was solid and it was. I took a step and then another step, one after another. I caught a glare of something in front of me and I narrowed my eyes to see. It was a door handle! I grabbed it and turned. I was pushed into the next room by a force of wind. The next room was different. It was a cliff and I was standing on the very edge about to topple over. I waved my arms in the air trying to keep my balance. Finally, I fell. I kept falling and falling and falling, until I hit the ground on a cushioned surface. I looked up and still saw the cliff which meant I wasn't out of the room yet. I looked down to what I had landed on and saw a pile of human corpses. I screamed and jumped up off of the wriggling dead bodies. Yes, they were moving even though they were dead. They were starting to moan too. Sure I had always loved horror movies, but this was way too much. Well, I knew from experience to not do what the women do in the movies, because they always end up dead. I stepped back, further and further till I finally hit a wall. I turned around and saw only an ongoing meadow, but I had definitely bumped into a wall. I glanced down and saw another door handle. I turned around and smiled. "Look there!" I yelled, pointing behind the zombies. I had forgotten they were dumber than a doornail. I grabbed the handle and turned and ran through the doorway.