You don't love me
Do you?

To you, I'm just the girl
Who will always be there
To talk, to laugh, to listen

It's okay
I'm okay now
You never knew, did you?
The pain you put me through
Knowing you loved another

It's over. It's okay.
I've decided to take my own advice
And let you go
Just watch you from afar

I hope you didn't know
It might've hurt
Knowing what you put me through

Everyone told me you liked me
I somehow knew that
It wasn't true
I hoped, but it wasn't

It's okay though
She's prettier, nicer
More normal...

I love you
But it's not the same anymore
I wonder what changed?
Was it me?
Or you?

Maybe I just grew up a little
Decided to be mature

She better not hurt you though
Or I won't be mature anymore
I'll be angry

How could I be angry
At others
For loving me when
I didn't love them?

I'm a hypocrite...

But you know what?
It's okay

For once...

I'm okay...