Whatever you need
I'll give you whatever you want,
Though I still hate you.
Take your pills,
I hope you choke.
You're so close but so fucking far away
I know you see me through it all,
That hazy gaze and stupid sigh,
So what if you hate it here?
I didn't trap you,
Pretend I'm not your kid,
Remember your other family?
Same thing as always, master,
The world still doesn't fucking revolve around you.
.. Go to Hell.
No, daddy, stay right here.
I love you.
Please don't kill yourself.
Don't try it again.
I know you don't love us but stay anyway.
I love you.
No, daddy, I swear I do.
I swear.. How can I make it up to you?
I'm sorry I disappoint you,
I'm sorry I'm like the others.
That I'll never make anything of myself..
I tried,
I truly tried.
But it doesn't matter,
I'm still my mothers' child
And you will always resent that.
Daddy, please stay alive,
Don't threaten to do it..
Fuck it.I hate you.
You're never around,
When you are its always awkward..
Then you get silent.
And I can tell you hate me.
Hate your life hate your job.
Do you blame me?
Do I keep you from leaving mother and this place?
Do you wish I were another miscarriage?
Maybe you do.
.I do most of the time.
.I hate.
I hate that I still love you.