It's 7 o'clock in the morning and the girl sits on a stool in the backyard. The recently paved concrete already looks old with peeling green outdoor paint.

She breathes in the fresh morning air and smiles as she remembers the day her father decided to paint the concrete a few months ago, lot long after the concrete was hard enough to stand on.

The potted plants are lined up crookedly along the side of the house and the side fence, conveniently placed near the taps. The small garden area near the back fence has a short brick edge and there are many weeds amongst the vegetables.

The birds are chirping and can occasionally be seen flying swiftly past the territory of the backyard. The cool breeze blows around the girl and she watches the pigeon on the edge of the garage roof as it scratches it's wing with it's beak before flying off after a flock of sparrows have surprised it with their noisy flapping and loud chirping.

The girl's mother calls out from within the house. Soon she will have to do her homework as well as help around the house. It is the beginning of yet another holiday day.


Author's note:

I'm not sure what type of things people usually post up as stories on but I hope you'll review this story and any stories I write in the future.