Statutory Rape

I watched your every move
As you slyly lied to theme
And got in a word's groove,
I admire you
Tough I know some stuff you do are not right,
But the fact is,
You're one of the few
That do anything they can do to keep on the fight.

A dark smirk on your face,
As you notice my stare,
You look into my eyes
It's like I can feel you there,
Under my clothes.

You know that for some it's wrong,
But you can't help it,
Because I got your interest
Even tough you ask yourself
Why you can't get it off your chest,
Because I am not beautiful
Nor rich ,
But my way of thinking
And my personality
Have an unique way to be
And so you're walking towards me,
Your dark suit contrasting
With the White of the room.

You know what my parents would say
Yet you still stay,
Yes , come to me,
You want it and I can see
And you put me down
While the Sun is setting,
Laughing at my sin,
Let him be ,
He's just a bloody faced clown.

And as soon as daylight comes
And the deed is done
You wake up by my side,
And try to walk away in shame,
Like waiting until the one to accuse you came.

Do they think it's such a big mistake,
It's just a difference of age,
It's not a mind's sick stage,
And because of the words they might say,
And for what you THINK it's wrong you don't want to stay,
But I rise from this sheet
And grab you by the wrist,
Trying to get an explanation.

'What should I do,
I didn't take advantage of you ,
What will you do,
Look what I've done to you,
What will they do to me
and you,
Guilt is all I take,
I'm sorry , I'm sorry....
It was rape.'
I listen to the words you speak to me
But I drag you closer to me
And let you see:
' Who said it was rape I had to take
When it was nothing more than passion ? '