I blew my breath out in a frustrated puff as I ran my lilac colored nails through my brown hair, which today didn't seem to want to lay flat. My blue-gray eyes glinted in frustration in the mirror reflection. I was running late for school. The bus would be here any minute and I still had to find my other boot.

"I still have time," I said to myself as I looked around at the clutter that was my room. "I just need to chill-"

Beep. Beep.

Well, so much for calming down.

"Shit!" I cursed, searching frantically through my closet for the missing black boot.

With a shout of triumph I pulled the boot from the pile of shoes. Pulling the boot on as I hopped down the stairs (something easier said than done), I wished with all my might that the bus driver would wait. I pulled my blazer from the coat rack, shouldered my book bag, and ran out the door. I reached the bottom of the porch just as the bus pulled away from the driveway and continued its route to school.

"God damn it," I shouted, and ran to the end of the driveway. The bus was already at the end of the lane. "Damn it to hell!"

I stamped my foot on the gravel and stormed back to the house. I picked up the phone as I entered the kitchen and punched in David Wes's phone number. David was a senior and the yearbook editor. At seventeen, David was tall and very handsome with short dark hair and shocking blue eyes.

"Hello?" David picked up on the second ring.

"Dave, it's Clair," I said, "could you possibly give me a ride to school. I missed the bus."

Dave's voice was deep and smooth, "Why, of course, I would do anything for Clair Griffin." Then came the one word that I dreaded when David spoke it. "But it's going to cost you. Be right over."

He hung up. I stomped my booted foot on the linoleum floor.

"Damn it all the way to fucking hell," I said through clenched teeth.

I was in no mood for David's seductive ways. Well, too bad for David.